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The O.B. by Suicide Bunny

5/10 rating | Flavors: creamy dessert rich | Aged: 2 weeks
It sure is creamy... The clouds are dense and rich, but I have the same issue I did with Mother's Milk, which is that the cream flavor comes off as waxy and not entirely pleasant. However, the cakey caramel flavor is interesting and takes the creaminess down a notch. I thought about this review for several days, vaping this juice periodically and trying to decide how I felt about it. which I suppose says something about the juice itself. If you loooooove creaminess and that's the paramount interest for you, you may love this.

Journey by Lazarus Vintage

8/10 rating | Flavors: dessert rich coffee | Aged: 1 week
This juice is extremely complex, with different flavors coming out when I vape it at different wattages and on different devices/attys. It's a bananas foster flavor on its face, but with some fiddling, I've gotten the cognac note to come out quite strongly, and it also has a flavor that's reminiscent of good coffee. (I am a coffee snob, so when I say good, I do mean that.) The juice is very rich and I have trouble vaping it for an extended period of time because of that, but this is definitely a flavor profile that has a lot of love put into it. You just don't get flavor like this by accident - someone babied this mix, and they deserve some praise for it.

Pecan Angel by 12 Angels

9/10 rating | Flavors: dessert rich nutty | Aged: 2 days
Fantastic flavour profile. One of the best pecan juices I have ever tried!

Sweet Angel by 12 Angels

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy rich sweet | Aged: 2 weeks
I love this juice. I am a custard/dessert vaper and this juice has the creaminess I look for with just the right amount of sweetness. a nice pear flavor on the inhale and s good smooth fulfilling finish on the exhale. I would order this on a plate to eat after my steak if were a good

Rainbow Angel by 12 Angels

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 2 weeks
I tend to be a custard vaper but I was needing something to bring my palate back to life. The tangy in your face sherbet flavor will karate chap u right in the mouth On the inhale. The exhale still has a smooth creamy finish. A great warm weather adv imho.
The infamous Milkman. Great, quality juice. Love the little milk carton it comes in as well. Very thick (max VG) juice so performs best on a dripper or a subtank that can handle max VG. I personally use it on my Arctic tank and the flavor is amazing. At 38-40 watts it tastes like a strawberry pop tart with a sweet milk taste. I dont pick up on the vanilla bean ice cream that's supposed to be there, but I definitely get a very rich milk taste. Has decent flavor for max VG and puts out beautiful clouds. Very very smooth juice. If you enjoy milk flavors, this is the one you need to try. 10/10

Cupid's Kiss by Elixir of the Gods

3/10 rating | Flavors: fruity sweet anise | Aged: 3 weeks
Personally, I hated this one. "Cupid’s Kiss is infused with mouth watering Cherries, Berries, and much more!" If by cherries you mean the type of flavor profile you get from children's cough syrup then maybe. Berries? Hardly, no berry I've ever tasted at least. Much more? If by much more you mean that tongue-numbing anise-like flavor, then I guess you nailed it. I found the juice to be harsh, not just a throat hit harsh, but a ripped my lungs apart kind of harsh. It had me coughing well into the night, and from a MaxVG marketed flavor I don't expect that. Though I'm starting to think it could be whatever flavorings were used in the production. Personally, I can see why SOME people might like this flavor, but personally, if I want to vape medicine, I'll dilute a Xanax in some NyQuil and vape that so I can forget about this flavor.

Vice Vanity - Sloth by Vapor World

8/10 rating | Flavors: dessert fruity nutty | Aged: 3 weeks
A delicious flavor with very little, minor flaws. On the inhale a delicate graham cracker crust flavor enveloped in banana. The flavor rounds out on the exhale into a full-fledged banana pudding flavor. What was great about the banana flavor was that it was more natural than artificial. You get the flavor of a fresh banana and the delicious artificial flavor you might expect from actual banana pudding because of the pudding. I couldn't immediately pick up the peanut butter. I really had to look for it. It is most prevalent at the end of the exhale and, to me, this is where this particular flavor was lacking. I wanted to just a BIT more of the peanut butter. I can't complain though, because overall this was a wonderul dessert vape.

Cranberry Nilla Custard by Sloth Sauce

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy dessert fruity | Aged: 3 weeks
Cranberry isn't a flavor that I've seen too often, so when I spotted this one I had to give it a try. On inhale I'm tasting a dark cranberry flavor, followed by a creamy smooth semi-sweet vanilla custard. On exhale I'm getting a lighter but still smooth vanilla flavor with a fruity tartness at the very end. If you're into fruity dessert vapes and looking for something outside the norm, this juice may be for you.

Tasted using a Lemo Drop (twisted 28awg @ 1 ohm) between 15-18 watts.

Foo Joo by Crescent City Clouds

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy rich tobacco | Aged: 1 month
This was pretty good right out of the mail box. A very rich and creamy vanilla, with what almost tastes like a touch of caramel, and very subtle hints of tobacco on the back end. It sort of reminded me of a Worthers Original candy.

After aging for a month, the flavors really melded together and I find Foo Joo to be absolutely delicious. I'm still getting a wonderfully rich, semi-sweet custardy vanilla flavor, with a hint of tobacco on the inhale. There is a slight bite at the end and I can't tell if it's from the tobacco or if it's the cinnamon. On exhale is where a smooth light tobacco flavor really comes through. While I could really make this my ADV, I enjoy it most with morning coffee.

Tasted using a Lemo Drop (twisted 28awg @ 1 ohm) and a Kayfun 4(twisted 28awg @ 1.2 ohm) between 15-18 watts.

Folks - Monkey Bread by Vape Artists

10/10 rating | Flavors: dessert fruity rich | Aged: 1 week
This juice is good, even great after some steeping. You can feel the banana, and a nutty and pastry like aftertaste. Defo worth trying.
Too much menthol for me, but still great. This one doesn't need any steeping.

Folks - Scream by Vape Artists

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 1 week
This juice is one of my favorite. It tastes exactly as the description : strawberry and cream. No more no less. It gets better with time so it needs some steeping to taste like it really should. When I tasted it first it was a bit sour, after a week it was sweet as sugar and tasted really great.

Folks - Sin & Roll by Vape Artists

9/10 rating | Flavors: dessert | Aged: 1 week
Pretty good juice. The flavor is spot on. But it needs some steeping .

Overdose (OD) by Dr. Crimmy's V Liquid

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy dessert rich | Aged: 2 months
It took 2 months before the flavor finally came out but when it did I went through 120ml in around a week.

Smarty by Grand Rapids E-Liquid

10/10 rating | Flavors: candy fruity sweet | Aged: 3 days
Smarty by Grand Rapids E Liquid tastes like you just took a roll of the Smarties candy and put it in your mouth. It's a fantastic. It's sweet with a hint of sour and I was able to tastes hints of like orange, strawberry, grape, and pineapple. The flavors are not over-powering at all, they are a nice light note, just like the candy. A friend and I were both trying the flavor and we both were super-impressed by this eliquid. I could easily vape this flavor all-day because it has an extremely smooth throat hit. We both were vaping a 50/50 blend at 0 nic using an Istick 20w with a mini-Aerotank. I would absolutely recommend ordering this flavor online or going to the store itself and get a bottle for you will not be disappointed.
Ummm I have no idea what this is, but I love it. Fantastic flavor sweet and fruity. Great vape for a hot day!
The base of their Thai Mango Sticky RIce. This does not disappoint. Let the mango goodness rain down on you! I like to mix this with their Ube or have alone. If you like real fruit flavor and real mango flavor this is your vape!
Lives up to the name. Like a spoon of budino from Mozza in your mouth. Great after dinner vape. Really glad I bought it!
Very sweet vanilla almost icing taste. Gets boring by itself pretty quickly but works great for mixing with other juices to experiment. I use my bottle just for that at this point. The icing flavor in it is fairly sweet. Decent clouds, great taste. If you like vanilla or custard give this one a shot.
Was super excited to get my hands on this juice when it first came out. Strawberry marshmallow cereal. Unlike other G2 flavors, this one is Max VG. Tasted like strawberry lucky charms to me. Slight milky taste on the exhale but very subtle. Great clouds from this one. Only thing stopping me from giving the 10 is the fact that the flavor is too muted. Given its a max VG and the flavor will be slightly muted anyway, it just seems a little too light. 9/10.
Was super excited to get my hands on this juice when it first came out. Strawberry marshmallow cereal. Unlike other G2 flavors, this one is Max VG. Tasted like strawberry lucky charms to me. Great clouds from this one. Only thing stopping me from giving the 10 is the fact that the flavor is too subtle. Given its a max VG and the flavor will be slightly muted anyway, it just seems a little too light. 9/10.
Upon arrival, it tasted mainly like pineapple. Let it steep about 2 weeks, and the coconut came out amazingly. Tastes something like a piña coloda but a bit sweeter and better. Ratio for this juice is 70/30 I believe. Highly recommend this one.
i was looking forward to trying to juice. I love cola gummies and any kind of cola flavored candies. Like many reviews online have said, upon arrival it smelled like straight up soap. I threw it in my Atlantis and hoped it'd taste better than it smelled. I was wrong. It tasted like a bar of soap. Literally. Let it steep a month more, and sadly the same thing. Upsetting because there's no other juice of its kind. Cosmic Fog has great flavors to offer, however this is not one of them. I took a $12 game and lost. It happens.
Lemonade flavors are hard in my opinion. A lot of lemonade flavors come off as tasting like cleaning solutions to me and this juice unfortunately does the same for me. The raspberry flavor in it is very good however, and I tried my best to love this juice. Taste is subjective though, so if you like raspberry lemonade go for it.
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