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The Vape Kitchen

8/10 rating

I didn't like all of the flavors I tried, but the ones I did... wow. Three of the seven flavors are immediately top 10 material, if not higher. Spectacular and unique, a step above anything else I've personally tried.

I ordered two 15mL bottles, and received along with that one 6mL sample and four small test tube samples of unknown size.

As seems to be a common occurrence judging from reviews on here, I had a bottle leak during shipment. Since they were individually sealed, it was contained. I lost about 2mL of one of my selections. I was going to let them know, but considering how many samples I received, I decided that more than made up for the amount I lost.

VK should take a tip from Ahlusion - Ship with standard caps on the bottles, and include dripper tops separately. This would eliminate the leaking issue altogether. It can't be cheap for them to make-good on so many leaks.

Also, their website is in dire need of an overhaul. Finding and ordering individual flavors is overly complex and confusing, even when I know exactly what flavors I want to order. I suspect the way it's organized is a workaround for product listing limitations with their e-commerce provider - but allowing that to negatively impact user experience is not cool imo.

Product is absolutely outstanding, and more than makes up for the valid complaints concerning shipping process and site navigation.

HOLY. CRAP. I was really skeptical about purchasing this one as I have had some terrible blueberry juices. Too many times have I taken a hit and my tongue slapped my brain and said don't do that again. This blueberry is a realistic blueberry flavor. Almost kind of spicy too. Nice creamy feel on the tongue. Definitely picking up a bigger bottle

White Label Juice Co.

10/10 rating

Awesome vendor - strawberry custard is out of this world. Quick ship and awesome products. Really complex juice that competes against top shelf.


Strawberry Custard by White Label Juice Co.

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity | Aged: 2 days
I bought a bunch of different strawberry custards / creams / milks to find an all day vape that I could drip that wasn't as expensive as mothers milk by SB.

Every single one was a let down until this came in. Ohh man, finally, a desert type strawberry with custard richness. Perfect, my new all day vape.
This is a weird one. I was expecting a Jolly Rancher type watermelon, but this has a very strange minty taste on the exhale...almost like cucumber. The watermelon taste is ok, but definitely a chemical taste in there. Not awful, but definitely wouldn't purchase again.
I picked this up at my B&M. I was impressed with all of their flavors, but this one really called to me in the store. It's a dark dessert flavor...not sweet. The berry I taste is tart blackberry with a hint of crust/baked good. It's a good vape actually, but simply not to my taste now that I've vaped it a few times. I like it for 30 minutes or so and then it just begins to wear on me. It's too rich and dense, I prefer more sweet and light flavors. But this is a personal preference, hence the 7.

Darkest Day Vapors

9/10 rating

I must say I'm very pleases by this vendor. With a coupon I got 4 10ml bottles for just over $20. Not only that but I really like their juice. I can be a little picky but the juices aren't too sweet at all. Even the sweet flavors are just right. Processing time was also quick. Over all good juice at reasonable prices from a quick vendor


Lemon My Cupcake by Carpe Diem Vapor

5/10 rating | Flavors: dessert earthy | Aged: 1 month
This juice is described as lemon poundcake with sweet icing. This isn't an easy juice for me to grasp. I'd have to say it's more savory than sweet. The lemon flavor in this is very subdued and the "sweet icing" also very subtle and not very sweet. The room note is heavenly and smells like a lemon cake fresh from the oven. There's an odd flavor running underneath this entire vape that I think is meant to mimic the poundcake. It's not exactly bad . . . it's a flavor I've never before tasted in an e-juice and it's hard to describe. The whole vape tastes sort of muddled. Lastly, this vape has a fairly pungent alcohol aftertaste, at least to me. I'm in the minority here, but I don't think this is one of CDV's better juices.

Cigarette Tobacco by Preferred Vapor

9/10 rating | Flavors: rich tobacco nutty | Aged: 1 week
This is my all day vape, great for making the first switch to vaping.

Kowboy Killa by VapeRageous

9/10 rating | Flavors: earthy rich tobacco | Aged: 1 hour
TL;DR I would HIGHLY recommend this to anybody who is replacing a serious analog habit with vaping.

I won the vendor's free 30ml giveaway on Reddit but that will in no way affect this review. If it sucked I would say so. This is not your run of the mill sweet candy vape, this is about as close to the real thing as you can get and you should keep that in mind if you want to try it. I came from a pack a day habit down to 5 a day with vaping. When I vape Kowboy, I don't smoke any cigs at all. This stuff tastes like a half smoked cig, it stings your nose just a bit too. It would be off putting to most people but to those of us used to such a flavor it is a pleasant surprise. If you still smoke when you are drunk, try this stuff, I didn't even miss my cigs after a few beers. Other tobacco style juices I have tried do not even come close to the real thing and left me wanting to break down and buy a pack. Not Kowboy!

Product came in a plastic bottle with a nifty little label on it that shows the "Born on" date (NICE!)
Product was born about a month before delivery (no steeping required!)
Very clean looking juice, does not seem like they added any colorings.
Vendor is a pleasure to deal with, pretty humorous as well. They secured my future business.

Sloth Sauce

10/10 rating

These guys rock!

They upgraded my first order to 20ml bottles from the 5ml testers AND tossed in two extra 20ml bottles to try.

This juice is crazy good! Best I've had hands down. I've paid as much as $1.50/ml and nothing else has even come close to this!

A must try and my new adv source.

Packaging: The 15ml bottles come in glass and feature an easy to use dripper. While the packaging is simple, it gets the job done, and it is easy to get the juice into whatever device you need to.

Flavor: This flavor is supposed to be pistachio ice cream. I get a very strong vanilla extract flavor on the inhale and a light pistachio flavor on the exhale. If you like the flavor of vanilla extract, which I do, then this is the juice for you. The pistachio is so light that you can only find the smallest trace of it, and the two work together to form a nice combination. This is definitely my favorite juice I've tried so far from The Vapor Chef.

Vapor: I had a 30/70 combination, and the vapor production was quite good. The vapor has a strong pistachio smell.

Throat Hit: At 12 mg, the throat hit on this vapor was nearly nonexistent.

Value: The price on this juice is 9.99 for 15ml, which is right in the middle compared to other 15ml prices. This isn't the best deal available, but it's fairly cheap for the quality provided.

Test On: Aspire Nautilus on an MVP

Sticky Apple by In the Clouds

8/10 rating | Flavors: dessert fruity sweet | Aged: 2 days
Yummy flavor, combines the bold pure apple tartness of the "Grappler" juice with a rich, low-key caramel base. On the sweet side, but not artificial or cloying. Excellent vapor production, as is similar with the entire "In The Cloud"'s line. Only steeped for a couple days, so I look forward to what a bit more steeping will bring out of this juice.

Dripped at .4 ohms.

Dragon's Blood by Glacial Vapor

10/10 rating | Flavors: fruity
This juice tastes great, it has a very big pomegranate flavor with side of strawberry. The flavor has a very sweet flavor too more so then normal fruit but not like candy. The people who said this tastes like cotton candy are out of their minds. But the vapor production is great along with a good throat hit.

Frosty Peach by The Vapor Chef

10/10 rating | Flavors: minty
Another juice I loved, The peach was fantastic, tasting as sweet as a real peach would. The menthol or mintiness was not over done either, it was just the right amount. The vapor was great and so was the throat hit.

Frosty Apple by The Vapor Chef

10/10 rating | Flavors: minty
One of my favorites, The apple flavor is extremely real with the perfect amount of mint for my liking. I actually don't like minty/menthol vapes, but this one wasn't to overwhelming for me. The vapor is good as well as the throat hit.

The Vapor Chef

10/10 rating

Some of the best juice out there consistently, with a good selection to choose from as well. Shipping is always timely and i have yet to run into any problems with getting what I ordered. The juices are absolutely delicious.


Horchata by Glacial Vapor

10/10 rating | Flavors: dessert
Definetly my favorite from Glacial, Its a very creamy vape with cinnamon. I have never had Horchata or heard of it before this but the flavor was extremely tasty. If it tastes anything like this flavor I have a feeling I would love it. It makes for good vapor and has a nice throat hit as well.

Glacial Vapor

10/10 rating

Also saw this company on reddit not to long ago and gave them a try. The juices were great, great support staff. They have a wide variety of flavors, only some of which I tried. The shipping was very quick and the juices were absolutely delicious, with a mix of complex and simple flavors.


'nana Cream by Bombies

10/10 rating | Flavors: dessert
Best banana cream flavor i have tried to date, I could see after I purchased it and tried it what all the rave was about. And why apparently it kept selling out so fast. It is creamy and sweet with a great amount of vapor and throat hit. Couldn't ask for much more!


10/10 rating

I entered a bunch of the giveaways on reddit and never won, so I went and bought some online. The juice was amazing, Nana cream is to die for. People always complain that it was never in stock but for some reason I haven't had a problem. The shipping was prompt and never had a problem. They are a great vendor with great juice.

This literally tastes like cake. It's sweet and rich with a slight hint of blueberry. Plus it smells amazing! I definitely recommend this to those who like sweet, rich flavors.

Pun'kin Tumble by Alice In Vapeland

10/10 rating | Flavors: dessert
Perfect season for this flavor, It is just as it says, pumpkin cake. It has a sweet pumpkin taste with that nice creamy cake like flavor too it. Perfect for dripping at about .3 ohms. Pulls great vapor and the throat hit is mellow which I like.

Alice In Vapeland

10/10 rating

Amazing support, easy to use website and order checkout. The flavors are above and beyond and I thoroughly enjoyed every single flavor I bought. I would highly recommend this vendor to anyone they have a great variety of juices and just about every one I have tried is amazing.


Earth's Bounty E-Juice

9/10 rating

I've tried 3 of their vapes so far and 2 of the 3 are right on the dot awesome, their cream saver vape tastes just like the strawberry cream saver candy and their luck of the Irish is great not sure how to describe its one my adv it's like a caramel vanilla with Irish cream maybe, their dew mountain was a let down didn't have a taste really

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