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Lemonade/citrus bite with a fruity hint. Its a phenomenal taste but it definitely can get harsh after vaping it all day! Great summertime vape!

Darth Vapor

10/10 rating

Great vendor. Fast and their juice maker is a chemist and has lots of experience in the culinary arts. Everything you could want in that aspect. A perfect storm.


Tiki Juice by Halo Cigs

9/10 rating | Flavors: earthy spicy tobacco | Aged: 3 weeks
This is a very unique tasting juice, it's hard to pinpoint what it tastes like. Bit of a cigar smell, little bit of ginger and vanilla, maybe a tiny bit of black pepper, coconut perhaps. Whatever it is, it's a very good flavor. It does smell kind of funky though so maybe open a window when vaping this one.

Tribeca by Halo Cigs

10/10 rating | Flavors: earthy rich sweet | Aged: 2 weeks
Lovely Ry4 type juice. Very nice taste, strong throat hit, good vapor. I don't taste much tobacco in it but that's fine by me because I'm not a fan of most tobacco liquids. This is the one that got me completely off cigarettes, it substitutes pretty good for me, unlike fruit/dessert flavors which usually don't work good enough when I get a strong craving.

SubZero by Halo Cigs

3/10 rating | Flavors: menthol | Aged: 1 week
It's WAY too strong for me. Pure chemical menthol that burns instead of cooling. It's like vaping vicks vapo rub except a lot stronger. This flavor is only good for menthol lovers, and maybe for adding menthol to other flavors.
I eat fresh dragon fruit quite frequently so I am very familiar with how the fruit tastes. Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit typically grown in South East Asia so it is quite accessible here in Malaysia. Sucker Punch is described as a dragon fruit mixed with cream. What I get is a candied dragon fruit flavour with a background of cream. It is sweet and I was hoping for a more natural, fresh dragon fruit taste.

Out of the 5 Suicide Bunny flavours, Sucker Punch is my least favourite. However, I haven't tried Derailed yet because it is sold out in most local vape shops. I have vaped Sucker Punch all day in a Russian91 tank (1.5ohms, 3.8V) but I can't say I enjoyed it much. Vapour production is good and throat hit is good at 12mg.

To be fair, Sucker Punch is not a bad eliquid but it is just a bit too candied for me. If you like sweet, candy flavours, you may like this liquid. It comes in a round 30ml bottle without a dropper style cap and costs US$22 in the States. I got mine for RM90 (approx. US$29) from a local vape shop.

The Vapeothecary

10/10 rating

Great looking logo and very easy website to navigate. My order arrived 2 days after I placed it and the owner even followed up on Facebook to see how I liked the jjuice. Will order from them in the future for sure.

Awesome juice. Only 1 problem, it's too sweet and you will get sick of it if you vape it too often. Great for once in a while though.

Honey Pearry by The Vapor Chef

10/10 rating | Flavors: fruity sweet | Aged: 1 day
This is the best fruity flavor I've found out of about 60 juices I've tried. It's pretty much flawless in every dimension, perfectly balanced flavors, just the right amount of sweetness, good vapor production, wicks really good, smells amazing... adv for sure.

Dubs by Fog Fuel

8/10 rating | Flavors: candy creamy rich
The chocolate is amazing!!! Maybe with some more steeping i will get more of the orange flavor... Probably one of the best chocolates I have tried yet
It is a favorite of alot of peoples but im more into fruits... with that being said.. It is a very good bakery vape... Taste exacly like a doughnut. and the vapor production is nice

Hawk Sauce by Mt. Baker Vapor

7/10 rating | Flavors: fruity minty menthol | Aged: 1 day
Not amazing but not bad either. Nice berry/menthol mix. This is probably the best juice I've bought from Mt. Baker. Definitely worth the $8 or whatever it costs.

Green Apple by Mt. Baker Vapor

4/10 rating | Flavors: fruity | Aged: 2 weeks
It's ok after a few weeks of steeping. It does taste like a green apple after a bit, but at first its more like vodka and perfume, so definitely make sure to steep this. Nasty chemical burning feeling in nose and throat from it though. Would give it a much higher rating if it weren't for that. As usual with Mt Baker, it has decent vapor production, it's cheap, and it gets rid of nicotine cravings. Can't complain too much considering the price.

Spearmint by Mt. Baker Vapor

7/10 rating | Flavors: minty menthol | Aged: 2 weeks
Nothing fancy, but it's a good basic spearmint flavor, just the right amount of flavor and menthol. Not really sweet at all. Think I ordered it with 2 extra shots. Decent vapor production.

Moo Juice by Mt. Baker Vapor

1/10 rating | Flavors: creamy | Aged: 1 week
Tastes like microwave popcorn butter with a bit of strawberry flavor mixed in. Feels poisonous. Dumped the tank after half a ml and threw the other 28ml out.

Domestic by Johnson Creek

9/10 rating | Flavors: rich sweet tobacco | Aged: 1 week
This is a fantastic juice with a lot of flavor. It's taste is a sweeter version of how pipe tobacco smells. Highly recommended for tobacco flavor enthusiasts.
Really tastes like a cinnamon roll. What else needs to be said?
Very nice vape. Right off the bat you can taste berries with a light kick of menthol. The raspberry is the easiest note to distinguish between the fruits, although you can slightly taste the strawberry and a small small hint of grape. Mostly it just comes off as a berry-type vape. It is very enjoyable and I would recommend it to others although if menthol or mint is not your thing, then you probably wouldn't like it very much. It is worth the money if you are into these flavors.
Got this bottle as a free sample and I’m glad I did. You can defiantly taste the pineapple with a little bit of tea added in, I can’t put a finger on what kind of tea it is. Tons of vapor production with what I believe is a 30/70 blend.
Good mix of creamy pear and coconut with a little bit of ice to it. Great vapor production and all around good vape.

Keystone Vapor

10/10 rating

Keystone has a good line of liquid. Shipped fast and got a free sample. Zach wrote a personal message and asked me to let him know what I think of their stuff. I asked him about flavor shots and he told me if it needed flavor shots it would already be in the bottle and sold as such.


Simply Vapour

10/10 rating

Simply Vapour has a more distinct flavor than other vendors I have tried. I love strong flavors so this is good. I also do not get a funny after taste like I have with other vendors. The vapor production is decent, overall I really enjoy what I have tried from Simply Vapour!


Route 2 Blend by The Vapeothecary

6/10 rating | Flavors: sweet tobacco nutty | Aged: 2 weeks
"...smooth tobacco blend with a strong peanut butter taste and earthy and hazelnut top note." Tobacco flavor is nice. However, that's the best thing about this. I don't get peanut butter, it's just roasted peanuts. Hazelnut is hard to find with that strong flavor. The tobacco is also muted by it. While it's not terrible, I can't say I'm a fan of this. With the other positive reviews, I have to wonder if this was a bad batch.

Festival by Oakwood Vapor

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 3 days
"...bowl full of plump, ripe strawberries smothered in delicious sweet cream, topped with a sprinkle of vanilla-infused sugar."

Won this in a Reddit giveaway. One of the better strawberries I've had. It's a mellow authentic taste. Inhale is the creamy vanilla with a hint of strawberry. On the exhale the strawberry is cranked to 11 and the sweet vanilla rounds out the taste. Very nice juice and makes me very curious about their other flavors available.

Fusion by Elevation Elixir

10/10 rating | Flavors: candy fruity sweet | Aged: 1 week
it's amazing the perfect blend of candy and fruit. i bought this in 0 and 18 mg... the 18 was harsh so i diluted it with the 0 but it was the first time i have ever bought a 18 mg. i also love local juice companies and this one is out of Denver CO !!!!!!

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