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Lancaster Tobacco by Keystone Vapor

10/10 rating | Flavors: rich sweet tobacco | Aged: 1 week
Excellent flavor - really smooth. Great semi-sweet tobacco flavor, perfect if you're transitioning to non-tobacco juices or just looking for something outside the standard tobacco flavors.

Dairyère by Carpe Diem Vapor

10/10 rating | Flavors: candy creamy fruity | Aged: 1 week
I will start off by saying that whatever strawberry flavor they use, it's stellar. By far my favorite strawberry flavoring and I tasted it in a couple of my sampler pack samples. This is one of my favorites along with Slevin. The price is right, the taste is amazing. A malted strawberry milkshake with no other filler. My favorite flavor to drip thus far. This will be the first 120ml I'm purchasing from CDV. *fingers crossed* They always have great packaging, but I get nervous when giant glass bottles are coming to my house. I wish I had more of it now. It's exactly how they described and tastes like no other strawberry milkshake e-juice I've tried. The name is adorable and as always thanks for the coupons guys!

Slevin by Carpe Diem Vapor

10/10 rating | Flavors: dessert rich sweet | Aged: 2 weeks
Absolutely wonderful! I'm sorry it took me so long to try it out! The perfect balance and perfect blend for a lovely and quite addicting flavor. 15ml wasn't enough! To me the natural ripe apple taste is there but it's at just the right amount to allow me to enjoy MANY facets of flavors this juice has. Cream, butter and diacetyl free. Thank you CDV for sharing the test results on reddit and on your site. I'll be purchasing even more of your delicious dessert flavors very shortly. So far they've all been a hit and especially this wonderful apple crumble vape complete with delicious cream and sweet bakery goodness.
Brown sugar real banana and a hit of rum all caramel use together. Try it with their dulce de leche for a added kick! It's awesome?
You can actually taste the batter with a spiced chocolate
I am allergic to pineapple so I am very thankful for Vape Kitchen for creating this magic juice as now I can enjoy pineapple . I am very impressed by how vape kitchen manages how to capture actual natural flavors and sensations in a bottle. Pure magic.
As soon as you open the bottle the smell catches your attention and you can tell right away it is tangerine. The flavor is just as good as eating the real thing.

I kinda want to drink it
This juice made me start vaping, you can taste mango,rice and condensed milk. This is my all day vape
Simple as that. I felt like I was biting a pear.

The Vape Kitchen

10/10 rating

I never smoked in my life, I am grossed out by smoking or inhaling anything other than air until I sampled Vape Kitchens juices. Thai Mango Sticky rice in particular . Since that day I have become addicted to Vape Kitchens juices.

I now vape everyday with a drip mod and have tried many of their flavors at zero nicotine .

The owners are fantastic and the staff are amazing and helpful. I have met the owners at a vape expo and have been to the North Hollywood store several times. Each flavor is made with care by a chef

This is a wonderful company.


Dragon Treat by The Vape Kitchen

9/10 rating | Flavors: fruity
This is a solid fruit vape cherry dragon fruit and lychee. It's light and refreshing not to sweet. All around great vape that makes a ton of vapor
I have grid 4 different s'mores and this by far wins.

Grahm cracker- check

It's a real s'more . I even had a co worker try and they could not believe that you could bottle a flavor so perfectly!
You open the bottle and the sweet smell of tangerines hits you. You drip it and it's like tangerine juice. Not fake tangerine but real tangerine citrus. Pretty sure it has vitamin c in it. Another hit from the vape kitchen!
How the hell did they bottle a pear? I swear to god it's like biting in to a fresh ripe pear. Magical and one of my new favorite vapes!
Sweet caramel with a touch of salt. When I say caramel I don't mean some gross cheap caramel, I am talking Godiva caramel!
This tastes just like it sounds as does everything Vape Kitchen makes. Thick Mapley goodness that wraps you up. Very sweet and a all around great vape!

Honeydew Melon by Tetra Vape

9/10 rating | Flavors: fruity | Aged: 1 day
I purchased 15ml of Honeydew Melon from Tetra Vape after trying Honey Pearry from TVC...

Tetra's Honeydew Melon blows Honey Pearry out of the water for me.. I had to mix Honeydew Melon with some VG I had to make it last longer, since the bottle was half empty after the first few hours.

This juice definitely has awesome flavor, and if you like any Honeydew juices, this one will not disappoint!
Alright, I'm going to be the buzzkill here. Not because this a bad juice, because it's not. It's likely the same reason that summer blockbuster you were dying to see didn't meet your expectations. It just couldn't live up to the hype. Let me start by saying I LOVE mango sticky rice. It's so simple, but so freakin' awesome. So when I heard their was a juice inspired by that flavor, I nearly lost it. When I saw the reviews, I damn near drove to SoCal to get it immediately! After the week long anticipation of waiting for my order to arrive in the mail, I gave it a shot. My first impression was very underwhelmed. I didn't taste like anything that resembled mango sticky rice. I got a strange chemically taste. Alas, I bought two bottles, and I'll be damned if that's going to waste. So, vape on, I did. After dripping it for a few days, the true flavors started to pop out to me. And they were quite good. I'm not sure why it took me so long to warm up to it, but I eventually did. Once I was in the sweet spot, it was a nice flavor. Nowhere near as good as the real thing (what is?), but still enjoyable. I might have another go at it some day, but it just couldn't live up to the hype for me. On the brightside, I LOVED some of the samples that The Vape Kitchen sent me and I will definitely be ordering more from them. It just won't be this flavor.
It's exactly as it sounds, a creamy pineapple flavor. It's definitely tasty, but not particularly memorable for me. I liked it, but I likely won't purchase again.

No. 32 by Beard Vape Co.

7/10 rating | Flavors: dessert sweet | Aged: 1 month
Described as a cinnamon funnel cake, this juice is a pretty good representation of that iconic county fair treat of deep fried sugary dough. There's a really nice bakery taste to this juice. The cinnamon is second, followed by brown sugar and hints of vanilla. This was another liquid that was way too sweet when steeped for just two weeks. After six weeks I'd say it's still pretty sweet, but definitely toned down. I wouldn't recommend this juice to anyone who's not partial to sweet vapes. I like it and am really enjoying it right now but not sure if I'd buy it again.

The juice comes in a dark brown glass bottle with dripper and is priced at $12.99/15 ml.

Sugar Bear by Cuttwood

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy dessert sweet | Aged: 2 weeks
Very good!! Just the right amount of cinnamon blended with graham cracker. Not too sweet or rich either! I would definitely buy another bottle!

Ecto-Cooler by Mt. Baker Vapor

8/10 rating | Flavors: fruity sweet | Aged: 3 weeks
It's been 3 weeks since I received this, and it is still a bit too heavy on the citrus for me. Sometimes it'll tickle my throat and induce a cough or two. I'm sure after it mellows out, it will be great, but not all the time as it is fairly overpowering currently.

Moo Juice by Mt. Baker Vapor

6/10 rating | Flavors: creamy | Aged: 3 weeks
It isn't bad, but I have a hard time getting any strawberry hints. Very creamy, and as others have said, it can sometimes have a buttery taste.

Freckled Lemonade by Mt. Baker Vapor

9/10 rating | Flavors: sweet | Aged: 3 weeks
A great tasting juice that really captures the flavor of Freckled Lemonade. Tastes just like the real thing, looking forward to more!

Banana Cream Pie by Mt. Baker Vapor

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy dessert | Aged: 3 weeks
Delicious banana and cream pie flavor. I've never had any other similarly flavored juice, and I can already tell that I would definitely re-order this!
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