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Tastes great, nothing to complain about.
It's nice ant tart, like real lemonade. Raspberry helps to tone it down a mix some flavor in. It's chick fil a lemonade in ejuice form.
Tastes like Halls tropical fruit breezers, the cooling effect is something that is not a minty flavor. Great for a hot day.
Indigo just does not quit. I have yet to try a juice I didn't love from the start. If I do one day, I will be honest! This gets a high rating from me because first of all, it is true to its description being a coffee with another of their flavors, Captain Ron, which is a banana tobacco. Secondly, like all of Indigo's juices, this one creates a beautiful thick vapor. It seems like you're blowing it out forever. The flavors are well-balanced and I swear if I close my eyes I am sipping a hot coffee while vaping my Captain Ron! Love it!
I have been vaping for 3 years and this juice is by far the best juice I have ever used! The flavor is intense and perfect and I highly recommend it to anyone!

Forever Young by Stash e-Liquid

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 1 week
I've tried a couple of cereal flavored vapes before but was never too impressed. In fact, what I remember is that they had an overpowering lemon or lime taste and the berry flavors were barely detectable. But then I received a sample of "Forever Young" with one of my orders and – oh my god – I was blown away. Couldn't put it down.

This juice tastes like a mixture of sweet summer berries topped with dairy fresh milk. The milky flavor is infused with that lightly sweetened, tangy berry taste – just as you'd get in your last spoonful of real cereal. It's remarkable how close this is to the real thing. A must try if you like cereal flavored vapes. Absolutely terrific!

This is a max VG liquid, comes in a glass bottle w/dripper and is priced at $18.50/30 ml.
Fruit/menthol combos are my favorite so I was super excited to try this juice from Adirondack. It delivered, and I'm only not giving it a perfect rating for a few nitpicks.

The fruit flavor comes out a bit nondescript. One the other hand, it's cool that all the fruits come together to form a new kind of fruit flavor, even if the taste is a bit unnatural. Perhaps that contributes to the undertone of candy that I didn't really care for. I also would have liked the minty complement to be a tad stronger.

That said, I love this juice! It's extremely pleasant -- especially during sunny and hot days like today.

Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy dessert fruity | Aged: 2 months
It was really hard for me to find a good juice that had just the right amount of creamy and fruity. I like the fact that it is creamier than fruity. I smoked a whole bottle in less than two days!!! I LOVE it!
I really enjoyed this juice. There are distinct elements of spiced cinnamon and mint. I normally don't like the taste of cinnamon yet for some reason it works well here. It's pretty sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. Nice well-balanced combo.

Nates Nectar by Keystone Vapor

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 1 week
This juice is excellent. Immediately on inhale you get a really juicy melon flavor with a subtle hint of pear in the background. The melon is the most dominate flavor by far and has a creamy texture/taste on exhale. I would definitely recommend trying this if you like fruitier flavors.I haven't tried this flavor yet on other builds but it's great for dripping on a dual coil. I also got 2 other flavors for free (Peanut Butter Cup and Yo Yo Yogurt) the same size and strength as the juice I ordered, so that was pretty awesome.

Banana Pudding by Carolina Flavor

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 2 weeks
I loved this juice because I am a huge banana fan and one of my adv is a banana pudding by another company and this one was better and I was surprised by the way the nana tasted fresh instead of like candy.

Fruit Loops by White Label Juice Co.

3/10 rating | Flavors: fruity
I give it a 3 because it's still vapeable, but it tastes absolutely nothing like fruit loops. Great price.
Very over-hyped juice.
I don't know if I picked up a bad bottle,
but the taste was mediocre at best.
The flavor gets very redundant and you get bored of it quickly.
Like I said, I may have gotten a bad bottle but I'm not shelling out $21 for another bottle in the off-chance
it'll be good.
The website's description says: "Succulent peaches and tropical mangos coupled with a fresh twist of mint leaf. Serve over a creamy orange sorbet and enjoy!"

This juice has a really solid mango with a hint of orange on the inhale, and exhales with a slight minty twist. It makes some super fluffy clouds out of my RDA and is probably going to become my new all day vape.
Another great flavor from Keystone Vapor! This flavor has a creamy base with hints of blueberries and just the slightest hint of icy goodness! One of my go to flavors. Great company with awesome customer service and fantastic prices!
This is my absolute go to favorite flavor! It makes me feel like I'm sitting on the beach relaxing. Creamy base with hints of pear and just the slightest iciness to it. Smooth flavor. Nice throat hit and big vape cloud. This company makes great favors at great prices! I highly recommend!

War Pig by Keystone Vapor

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity
Smooth and Creamy. Great flavor that is just right and not over the top. I always get big clouds from all of this company's juices!

I Love Donuts by Mad Hatter Juice

9/10 rating | Flavors: dessert fruity sweet | Aged: 1 week
Check out their website and you can see the length they went through to complete the donut experience. From the nutritional facts styled vaping information sheet, to the little pink box with proportionally sized donut wax paper wrap around the bottle, I can’t help but get a grin on my face. Even the logos/labeling on the box look like they were stamped on in blue ink. It’s over the top and completely unnecessary, but entirely awesome to experience all the same.

It’s spot on to what I hoped it would be. Fresh little round cake donuts with blueberries mixed in and a nice glaze on top. The pictures on their site resemble iced donuts but it tastes just like the blueberry cake donuts I can pick up at my favorite shop.

The donut is flavorful and spot on cake donut. The blueberries have a natural baked flavor and are balanced perfectly with the cake flavor. The sweetness is definitely that of a light glaze rather than icing. The correct amount of sweetness to give you that sinful “I’m eating dessert for breakfast” experience without venturing into candy or over sweetened territory.

It’s damn good and up there with some of my favorite blueberry bakery flavors. I’ve vaped this pretty well non stop since coming back from vacation, and that’s a rarity for a flavor jumper like me who usually rotates between 2-3 at a time. It’s on the premium end of price but the marketing involved adds to the experience. It’s listed as a 40pg/60vg blend but doesn’t seem to have any of the shortcomings of a thin mix. Vapes just fine in my Hastur RDA. Very light throat hit and vapor is more than expected. I’m not sure if it’s colored or not as it has a violet rose colored hue that is very reminiscent of the blueberry bleed into a cake donut. Might just be an awesome coincidence.

Dabble Dooyah by Mr. Good Vape

10/10 rating | Flavors: dessert
Keep trying new juices but always go back to this. Love love the sweetness!

Cascade by Adirondack Vapor

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity | Aged: 2 weeks
I have to be honest, I went into this vape with a little bit of a preconceived notion. I've heard good things about this juice, but I'm not the biggest banana fan. That being said, I had to give it a try.

This is a very tasty juice. It's very fruity with a strong banana and strawberry taste. You get a nice smooth creamy inhale where the flavor just explodes in your mouth. Although this won't be an ADV for me I will definitely add it to my rotation.

Sucker Punch by Suicide Bunny

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 2 days
Perfectly balanced. You can really taste the tartness of dragon fruit on the inhale and the creamy base smooths it out on the exhale to create an all around super enjoyable experience. I alternate between this and Madrina as my ADV.
I won this flavor on and it's a good made gummy worm flavor. Tastes spot on white gummy. Smooth with big

Runway by A-10 Vapes

10/10 rating | Flavors: dessert rich sweet | Aged: 3 days
I've tried a couple key lime pie flavored e-juices but this one is by far the best. Other juices may have gotten close but this is key lime pie 100%. I was beginning to think that maybe it was some other kind of pie that I was thinking of but then one vape of this and it hit me...I love key lime pie. Now I feel like a key lime pie enthusiastic. If you enjoy dessert cakes and creamy vape then you need this. I absolutely love it!
The best peach flavored ejuice I have ever tasted hands down! It tastes like a natural peach nothing artificial. The best thing about this juice also is you dont have to wait 7-20 days to let it steep and then vape!! Wondeful juice fresh out the mail.
This is a great, mild, easy vape. The flavor is strong enough that it's enjoyable but not so strong that you can't vape all day. I get strawberry on the inhale and the kiwi and creaminess on the exhale. I wouldn't exactly describe it as yogurt, but it's definitely more tart than most "XXXX and cream" juices I've had. Overall I'd absolutely recommend or buy again.
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