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Banana Nut Bread by NicQuid

7/10 rating | Flavors: fruity sweet nutty | Aged: 3 weeks
I hate bananas. So much. Nasty things. I had one when I was really sick once and ever since, nope'd away from anything banana. So when this came in with my samples from ECC, I was thinking 'oh no, grossssss', my first banana vape and it's from a con where the free samples are very hit and miss. Imagine my shock when this turned out to be my first favorite sample. Wuut.... Not sure what the deal was with the other reviewer we have for this flavor, but I thought it was pretty great. Did hang out on the wicks for quite awhile but I find that with most juices anyway. Put it in my Squape @1.7ohms, filled it up and happily vaped it all night. Was weird and pleasantly surprised. Inhale was banana nut and exhale was slightly buttery with a serious bakery edge to it and ..full of tasty banana? I'd actually order this one. And that's saying a lot from a former banana hater. I bought some banana nut bread from the grocery and even 4 little bananas for breakfast. Thank you NicQuid, you've reunited me with a fruit that used to be my sworn enemy.

The King by King's Crown

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy rich nutty | Aged: 4 weeks
You know those Grandma's peanut butter cookies they sell at gas stations? In a yellow package, with two big cookies on top of one another? Have one of those with a tall glass of milk, and that's what this juice tastes like. I've had a few peanut butter vapes and this one is almost in the same class with Grandmaster by Five Pawns. Not quite as complex as Five Pawns, almost as expensive, sold only in a large $22 glass bottle with a pretty fancy label with King Tut on the front. Inhale is very creamy and since my sample bottle from ECC was only 3mg, there's no throat hit at all. Exhale is a mildly sweet bakery style peanut butter that leaves a really nice aftertaste. Makes ya want to vape some more so it's a solid 8- tons of potential and damn good. I can safely say it's my favorite sample I received from ECC, as well as the best tasting juice in the King's Crown lineup.

Bat Country by Banzai Vapors

5/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity | Aged: 4 weeks
What they say: "A psychedelic adventure sure to take your tongue on a tasty trip. Can't stop here, this is Bat Country. Note: This is a 20 PG / 80 VG blend designed for dripping."
A pretty flat flavor. Very dry tasting without tons of flavor. I get slight peach maybe a peach/strawberry blend. Slightly creamy and lightly fruity. I dripped it in a Patriot clone and then filled my Orchid with it. Dual coil coming in at 0.77ohms. This was picked up as a sample at the ECC convention in Ontario, California @3mg but usually priced at $20 for 30mls. It's... okay. Pretty boring actually. I'll vape it and finish the sample but wouldn't order it, which is disappointing . I had high hopes. Does produce lots of vapor with such a high VG blend but I wasn't impressed or excited by this flavor. Bat country isn't a dangerous place, mostly a boring place to just pass right on through.

OurYChai by Good Life Vapor

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy rich spicy | Aged: 2 weeks
This is Good Lifes take on a RY4. When I first vaped it, I was sent back to my Swedish Grandma's Kitchen! The cardamom flavor right up front. When I snapped out of it I could tell it was a Chai Tea type flavor. A hint of Tobacco for good measure. I mix this with there High Five. To me it makes a heavenly vape. You just want to sit by a fire and sip some kind of warm tea/coffee or a nice after dinner drink.

High Five by Good Life Vapor

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy earthy rich | Aged: 2 weeks
I love this juice. It's my ADV. It has a very creamy rich caramel flavor with this slight oak taste. They say there is Bourbon and Tobacco in it. This could be to me what makes the caramel and woody/earthy flavor so rich. Dare I say this might be a take on a RY4. I had almost run out of High Five and I added there OurYChai to what I had left. Let me tell you THAT was and is a great vape. The 2 juices really play off each other.

Honeydew by Mt. Baker Vapor

2/10 rating | Flavors: fruity | Aged: 4 weeks
Imagine a hint of sweet, refreshing melon, marinated in paint thinner and vaped from a Sharpie marker. Yeah.

It gets a 2 instead of a 1 because it *does* have a hint of something good in there...unfortunately it's only a hint. Sorry MBV, I still love ya but this one's a Honey-DON'T.

Impearmint by Seduce Juice

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity minty | Aged: 2 weeks
Very much like Snake Oil...Pear is the star of the juice,but Mint is right behind the pear. Not Menthol...MINT! There is a bit of creamy goodness that wraps them up nicely. Can't put my finger on if it's pure cream. Like Snake Oil, I can't tell What It Is. But if you like Snake Oil you will like this. It's Snake Oil with a zip of refreshing mint.

Snake Oil by Seduce Juice

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy earthy fruity | Aged: 2 weeks
I really like Pear and Coconut. How could I go wrong and I didn't.This is a lovely blend of those 2 flavors with a touch of cream(I think) There is something there that smooths the pear and coconut together. It makes the 2 flavors just meld nicely. If your a Pear/Coconut lover this is a must try. Pear is the star of this juice but the coconut floats in just to say HI!

Honest Abe Juice

10/10 rating

I have tried and enjoyed all three flavors from this company.
Dr. Steve's is my favorite thus far. It has a delicious toasted sugar and rich banana flavor with both inhale and exhale. The aroma is pleasing to even non vapers (I vape inside my house with a wife that does not vape and she says it smells "tasty").
Scream comes in second and is a strawberry cream flavor. This is not your run of the mill candy strawberry flavor but a fresh off the plant strawberry flavor with a milk/cream undertone that is not over powering like most.
Butterface is a very cool flavor that brings back the nostalgia of your childhood favorite breakfast cereal. It reminds me of fruity pebbles, I LOVE fruity pebbles so this is a winner for me.

As a whole Honest Abe liquids are amazing. All of the flavors taste like a lot of throught went into them. I have tried my share of premium juices Jimmy the juice man and Northern Lights being some of my all time favorites. After trying this line of juices they are now added to my list of all time favorites and would not hesitate to recommend any of them, bravo Honest Abe bravo!


Peanut Butter Cup by Keystone Vapor

9/10 rating | Flavors: candy rich nutty | Aged: 2 weeks
Keystone Vapor gets it right again.

The inhale has a rich creamy peanut butter and chocolate feel and taste. On the exhale it leaves the tongue feeling like you just ate peanut butter out of the jar.

This vape has a very mild throat hit at 12mg on my MVP2 and mini nautilus., and produces nice, thick clouds.

Living in PA this got to me in two days, and I look forward to be able to visit Zach at Keystone Vapors next time I'm in their neck o the woods.

Nebuchadnezzar by Seduce Juice

9/10 rating | Flavors: fruity minty sweet | Aged: 1 week
One of my favorites from Seduce Juice. Definitely blooms a bit with some steeping but still good right away. Its flavor really changes depending on the setup I'm using. Lower power and it's very much a minty base, but start cranking up the wattage and the melon starts shining through. Little weak on throat hit, but super smooth for a good all day vape.
I'm giving a 9/10, however I'd rate it a 9.5/10 if I could. It's such a smooth, satisfying juice that very much so lives up to it's name. My ADV is Demon Energy by Mt. Baker Vapor. I prefer citrusy/fruity juice, so this why I didn't rate a 10. I wouldn't say there's no better juice, but it's certainly great. I wanted a dessert, chocolatey juice that I could vape every once in awhile. My all time favorite candy is a Reese's peanut butter cup and after reading rave reviews about Keystone's PBC, I decided to take the plunge and order a 30ML bottle.

This absolutely is what I was looking for. It tastes a little more peanut butter than chocolate, but I actually prefer it this way. It's absolutely worthy of carrying the Peanut Butter Cup name. I'm vaping at about 16 watts on a mech, and this is very flavorful. I'm more about flavor than producing clouds, but it does produce a nice thick, very pleasant smelling cloud. I'm thoroughly enjoying every bit of it and would recommend anyone who loves Peanut Butter Cups to give it a try. I won't vape it all the time, but it will definitely be a nice treat. I'm very glad I decided to order a 30ML. It's a little expensive compared to MBV, but I would say it's more of a gourmet flavor and will satisfy my vaping sweet tooth. This is exactly what I ordered it for.

I should note that I did not steep it, as I was too excited to try it, however I can imagine it'll only taste better as time goes on.

I ordered on a Thursday and received on a Monday from PA to IA. Received a hand written note from Zach at Keystone requesting a review. I think this is fantastic and shows they really care by making the whole purchase a little more personal.

Vintage E-Liquids

10/10 rating

This is some of the best juice I have tried and the unique design of the bottle with a single flip like a zippo is awesome! I bought 2 flavors the lover and the dreamer on epiqvapor.com. They both are amazing ill be going back to the site to get more :)

I can't quite think of what it tastes like, but I love it. Brown sugary
As a Menthol smoker this really hit the spot.
A good solid coffee flavor (without that burned background note that you frequently get from coffee vapes), with the heaviness of a good firm cake, and just a hint of vanilla icing. Also, this juice is VERY light colored for a coffee-based flavor, and it burns very clean.

Marble Valley Vapors

10/10 rating

Amazingly fast service, and really wonderful clean burning juice.


Sasquatch by Vapor Trails NW

10/10 rating | Flavors: dessert fruity nutty | Aged: 1 week
I'd like to start off by saying that I typically don't like juice with blueberry flavoring in it and I know Sasquatch must have some of that in it. Their take on blueberry is nothing short of amazing, however. It's spot-on and not the fakeberry that other vendors have.

On the inhale I get the blueberry and something else indescribable and delicious and on the exhale I get an amazing nuttiness and almost creaminess that just makes me shudder with how scrumptious it tastes. Their prices are amazing for how good their juices are too.
This stuff is amazing! It's a simple flavor that stays strong all day.
It's a tart blackberry with a really nice zing to it.
The flavor is strong, without being overwhelming. I could vape this all day, every day.

Badger Hole Juice

10/10 rating

These guys have some of the tastiest juice I've ever tried. Every flavor I've vaped has been smooth, with really strong flavor.
They are consistent, and their prices are very reasonable.


Booberry Creamed Pie by Carpe Diem Vapor

10/10 rating | Flavors: dessert fruity rich | Aged: 4 weeks
Gorgeous blueberry dessert flavor. Absolutely delectable with a whole piece-of-the-pie taste with a cooked fresh blueberry taste. Just the right amount of creaminess. It is the blueberry equivalent of Slevin for me, except the blueberry is more predominant than the apple in the other. It's delicious all the way up to the thick cream to the delicate pastry crust.

The Vapeothecary

1/10 rating

I placed orders with this vendor on July 8 and July 28; I still haven't received them. I've contacted the owner multiple times, and when he answers (sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't), the blame is placed on his shipping /postage company (stamps.com). According to the owner, stamps.com can't process a shipment to an APO (overseas US military) address. Multiple other vendors have shipped to me without any problems or delays, many of them using stamps.com. At one point, the owner promised to take the orders to the Post Office and personally ship them out. Well, that never happened. He still hasn't shipped either of the two orders, and now we're clisong in on the 90 day mark. I will never order from them again.

TL/DR: After almost 90 days, still no juice. Multiple promises from the owner go unfulfilled, different excuses as to why orders haven't shipped. Never buying from them again.


The Vapeothecary

9/10 rating

Had some trouble back when I first ordered but after a while I ended up with the juice, the juice is amazing and the flavors are on point. I will do business again with this vendor, yea the shipping is a bit longer than your average vendor, but take into consideration that it's a one man team, and the quality of this juice blows a lot of vendors out of the water.

Compared to other melon flavors I've had this is the closest to a natural watermelon I've had. Maybe it has a hint of candy/like taste but not too noticeable. I can see where they were going with this. It's actually pretty good.

Carpe Diem Vapor

10/10 rating

Excellent variety of flavors. Probably the best customer service I've ever encountered. Higher end vendor, but down-to-earth all the same. Plenty of coupons and social media give-aways. Secret gifts hidden in my vape mail. If you haven't tried their Slevin flavor yet, do yourself a favor and order yourself a bottle. You'll be so sad once the sample bottle is gone like I was the very first time.

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