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Product Team
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Product Development

I'm Aaron or Jesta, I'm the guy who started developing back in 2013. I built this site because I was overwhelmed with the huge variety of juices on the market and needed a place to track what I personally liked. Since I can't seem to make anything simple, JuiceDB has now grown into what you see today providing a platform for 3rd party data relevant to the vaping industry.

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Product Management


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Creative Direction

I'm Nick and I draw things!

Website Team
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JuiceDB Team

Vaping since Jan 1, 2014. Your favorite site Admin., Reviewer, and Reddit Junkie from Texas.

I am an Admin. because I believe JuiceDB is truly great and was the resource I was looking for when I started. I review to help others on their journey in the sea of thousands of juices.

I have a sea of RDAs, a few RTAs, A SIg 150, KBOX120, Cortex, VTC Mini, and Cuboid. I review hardware as well at

Check out my Favorites list for my recommendations out of whatever absurd number of liquids I have tried now. Feel free to contact me at for love, hate, and/or friendly conversation.

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JuiceDB Team

I began my vaping journey in August of 2013 - not once have I looked back. As a father of three I am thankful each day that I was able to quit smoking through vaping. It's a wonderful hobby with a great community and I strive to be an active member. As far as e-liquid goes, I enjoy sampling all of the different flavors and I have no desire to find an ADV. I have ordered almost an embarrassing amount of juice and have tried hundreds of flavors from many vendors. I hope that through reviews I can help other vapers find flavors that they are looking for, without spending the money I did to find them ;) I live in Minnesota, love hockey, photography, electronic music and smoking meats.

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