We thought it would be really cool if we could take the app live on the app stores on the same day as the site’s third anniversary. As that day (today) grew closer, we realised we weren’t satisfied with the app experience and didn’t want to rush it out the door just because it would be “cool.” As you can probably guess, the mobile app isn't launching today, but we wanted to take a moment and talk about our revised plans.

This is our first app, and when we started development, we didn’t know nearly as much about building apps as we do now. In fact, photo check-ins, one of our strongest new features, wasn’t even on our radar when we started. So our expectations have shifted, and although it’s functionality may be great for users who know their way around, we think the interface could be confusing and unintuitive for new users.

As such, we’re going to take a little extra time to reimagine how the tools are presented and really refine the experience. Designing and implementing these changes is going to take time, and we don’t have a new target date for launch, but we’ll post updates as we have more details to share.

3 years ago today, JuiceDB launched

It's been a crazy adventure, but now it's time to take a moment to celebrate! Originally, what we wanted to do was coordinate the launch of our new mobile app with the celebration of the site’s 3rd anniversary. We decided against that (for reasons discussed separately), but we figured it would be a shame not to celebrate at all. So we decided to treat it like any other holiday in the vaping industry and get you some deals!

All of the deals on the homepage (06/24 through 06/26) have been graciously provided to you by some of our favorite vendors, in celebration of JuiceDB 3rd anniversary.

Focusing on JuiceDB's roots, being a useful tool

Last Friday we quietly launched an entire new set of features, some of which you may already be using. This update included interactive tooltips, a revamp to the account pages, aspects of social media and our first daily digest email focusing on deals. These latest upgrades to JuiceDB are entirely focused on bringing JuiceDB back to it's roots as a tool for the community.

Throughout the text of this post, we will be dive into all of the new features in JuiceDB 2.2, including:

We have been waiting for a long time to build these features and we hope you're as excited as we are. For all the details and how to utilize these new features, read on.

The JuiceDB Tooltip
JuiceDB Tooltips
Hovering over the name of a Juice, Business, User or Tag will popup an interactive tooltip.
Note: You must be a registered user to use the interactive/saving features.

Late last week we added tooltips to JuiceDB. These tooltips let you get a bit more information about a juice wherever you see a link. All you have to do is hover over the link and we’ll show you the name, description and tags. Hover your mouse over this:

If you’re logged into JuiceDB, we also will give you a few quick options for things you can do with that juice. Right now it’s just a review button, but very soon it will be expanding offer a lot more options.

Our focus right now is to develop things that bring JuiceDB back to it’s roots: as a tool to help you track what you like. Expect some pretty rapid updates for the next few months, more of these shorter updates, and some awesome new features!

Note: These tooltips are a desktop only feature for the time being. We have plans for mobile, more information on that we nail it down.

TLDR: The second, and final, week of the JuiceDB Thanksgiveaway starts today. Two ways to enter, two more chances to win, tons of juice from ECR’s favorite vendors. Enter once now by leaving a comment in this thread (what juice was your first ADV?) then enter as many times as you want by writing reviews on JuiceDB!

Week 2 of our epic two-week giveaway starts today, with the following giveaways:

You are free to enter and win prizes from both giveaways each week, but you can only win one prize package from each prize pool.

Listed below you’ll find information about both giveaways we’re running and we have an entire section of our website built to give you information:


JuiceDB is sick and tired of holiday promotions starting earlier every year, so we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving in December!

We’ve had the incredible fortune of collaborating with a lot of great vendors from ECR over the last few years, and a bunch of them were generous enough to help us celebrate everything we’re thankful for this year, in the form of the biggest giveaway JuiceDB’s ever organized!

Over the next two weeks, the JuiceDB and reddit communities will have a total of four chances to win one of dozens of epic prize packages. Most prize packages boast multiple bottles of juice from more than one vendor, and you might even find some hardware, gift certificates, and vendor swag mixed in.

Week 1 of our epic two-week giveaway starts today, with the following giveaways:

You are free to enter and win prizes from both giveaways each week, but you can only win one prize package from each prize pool. Listed below you’ll find information about both giveaways we’re running and we have an entire section of our website built to give you information:


Click the button below to continue on and read all the details in our most recent blog post.

For more than two years, the community has relied on JuiceDB, as an independent and objective ratings and reviews resource, to help them discover and explore the most popular e-liquids, brands, and stores. Every holiday, the community turns to JuiceDB in droves to save money, thanks to its massive aggregation of deals and coupon codes, the largest around (that we know of?)!

We hope you’ll consider JuiceDB as a primary channel for promoting your holiday sales. It’s completely free to submit Deals and Coupon Codes to JuiceDB, and doing so allows you to get your brand and products in front of thousands of engaged vapers looking for the best place to spend their hard-earned money this holiday season.

As somewhat of a surprise to everyone (our team included), we updated our coupons page today with some updates that should help bring it to life. We implemented a reddit style voting system to help deal with the multiple holiday seasons we have coming up soon.

We are in the process of rebuilding this entire section in order to make it even easier to find great deals throughout the vaping industry. If you’re interested in the nitty gritty of what we changed, keep reading.

At the beginning of the month we talked about our new Popular Juices sorting, the first iteration to incorporate our user weighting system and have since been running live tests against the data. Today we’re happy to announce the new rating system is LIVE and is used anywhere a juice’s score is shown and when sorting juices by popularity. We expect continual iteration on this algorithm, but the feedback we’ve received points to the results being a closer reflection of the community’s current sentiments than the old method provided.

We also are excited to announce that we have started the testing phase of our new tools for business owners. These tools will let the owners of the fine businesses on JuiceDB update information related to their business, products and deals.

If you’re interested in knowing more, read on as we talk a bit about the new tools for businesses and some conclusions on weighted juice reviews.

Early last week we introduced a new system that rated businesses based off the products they create. One of the topics we touched on in that post was the weighting of reviews and how they factor into the overall rating.

Today we want to dive a bit deeper into the weighting system, explain how it works and show you a preview of what it’s about to do to the juice ratings site wide. If you’re interested, we’d appreciate your feedback or any thoughts you might have on the topic! Feel free to checkout our preview of the test juice ratings and submit feedback on our thread on /r/ecr.

With the launch of JuiceDB 2.0, one of the biggest mechanical changes to the site was the removal of ratings on businesses. As a stopgap measure we sorted businesses by favorites, but that didn’t quite feel right. We really didn’t have a way for the community to explore new and exciting businesses!

Today we launch version 2.0.2 of JuiceDB, which includes a new business rating mechanism based entirely off the reviews on the products they create. Interested in more information on how this rating works or interested in the other changes in this version? Read on!

Checking in and providing a status update to everyone. Thanks so much for all of the bug reports and helping us track down some strange issues. Since going online on monday we have been hard at work recovering from all of the issues that have cropped up.

Keep reading to check out all the fixes.

“So I had an idea, and decided to flesh it out into a prototype. People seem to really enjoy it.”

jesta’s blog post - August 1, 2013

People really do seem to enjoy it.

Those words, written barely over two years ago, heralded the birth of JuiceDB. Beginning life as one man’s tool for navigating the burgeoning e-liquid market, JuiceDB has grown consistently thanks in large part to the community that has adopted it. We’re proud to debut JuiceDB 2.0, re-written from the ground up, with an all-new look and feel, and tons of new ways to visualize the same database you’ve grown to love.

Welcome to the new JuiceDB. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

I’m excited to finally be sharing some news with the greater vaping community about the status of JuiceDB and where we are heading in the near future.