I’m excited to finally be sharing some news with the greater vaping community about the status of JuiceDB and where we are heading in the near future.

Last year was quiet - very few improvements were added to the JuiceDB you’re seeing today. The current JuiceDB (let’s call it 1.0) was not designed to grow quickly and be added upon - it was designed quickly and is very much a proof-of-concept application that has grown beyond it’s capacity.

Instead of improving 1.0’s engine, I decided it was best to redesign it from the ground up to rival the best of review sites out there. Through 2014 around 8 months of development in my free time went into a new database/review engine that is at the very heart of what JuiceDB 2.0 will become. The goal in development has been to reproduce everything that users could do on JuiceDB 1.0, all while solving some of it’s biggest problems.

To go along with the new engine, we needed a new design. Late 2014 I teamed up with a designer to help build a brand new look for JuiceDB. We are currently in the process of building out a brand new website to live ontop of the database/review engine.

I’m proud to say that we’re getting very close to releasing the new website.

Progress as of Today for Launch (April 07, 2015)

  • Database/Engine: 95% Complete
  • Website/Design: 65% Complete

We still have a lot of work ahead of us, and since this project is done entirely in our free time as volunteers, it may take a bit longer than we would like. Our current plan is to bring 2.0 up to feature parity with 1.0, do some internal testing, and then bring it online as soon as possible.

Instead of going into great detail of all of the changes on the way, I plan on writing more posts like this one leading up until launch. In each of these posts I’ll outline some of the major changes we’re making, why we’re making them, and how they will make JuiceDB better for everyone.

Some of these major changes include: weighting reviews, splitting vendors into shops and brands, new ranking math, and better ways to keep track of what you love.

We’re also not launching with all the new features we have in mind and those will be coming online throughout 2015. Thanks for being a part of the JuiceDB community this long and we’re working hard to make it even better!