“So I had an idea, and decided to flesh it out into a prototype. People seem to really enjoy it.”

jesta’s blog post - August 1, 2013

People really do seem to enjoy it.

Those words, written barely over two years ago, heralded the birth of JuiceDB. Beginning life as one man’s tool for navigating the burgeoning e-liquid market, JuiceDB has grown consistently thanks in large part to the community that has adopted it. We’re proud to debut JuiceDB 2.0, re-written from the ground up, with an all-new look and feel, and tons of new ways to visualize the same database you’ve grown to love.

Welcome to the new JuiceDB. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

What’s new?

There are a lot of changes coinciding with this relaunch, too many to go into in one blog post. We plan to explore these changes in detail in subsequent blog posts including the:

  • Migration from a Ten-point to a Five-point scale.
  • Introduction of Flavor Tags, to supplement the legacy Flavor Profiles.
  • Email Address and Social Network verification and logins.
  • “Businesses” replacing “Vendors” and the absence of business ratings.

You know what hasn’t changed? The reviews submitted by the community over the past two years. We’ve converted every single review in the old database as-is so you can keep enjoying the same content within the new platform interface.


While we’ve put the site through its paces, there are some things we relaunched with that we’re not happy with yet, and probably many other issues that we don’t know about at all!

If you stumble across something that doesn’t work or doesn’t look right, we can’t make it better unless you tell us about it! Don’t hesitate to submit bugs and feedback to us through one of the following channels:

It helps when reported issues are as specific as possible, so be sure to include the following information and anything else you think might be relevant:

  1. The URL of the page you were on when you experienced the issue.
  2. The browser/device you were using when you noticed it.

Thank you!

Most importantly, we wanted to recognize you, the community, for making JuiceDB what it is today. Everyone always says “we couldn’t have done it without you,” but in this case it really is true. JuiceDB is just a simple platform; a database, some systems, and a set of community tools. It takes people to breathe life into it, and we’re lucky to have people like you around to do it.

If we could impose on your generosity one more time, there are a few things that would really help us right now. If you’ve never written a review before, we’d really appreciate it if you could register and write one for your (least?) favorite Juice. Veterans, if you could update your existing reviews to include Flavor Tags and validate your email/social accounts, it would really help us get the cool stuff we have planned in motion.

Don’t forget to follow us on your favorite social media sites (facebook, twitter, reddit) or stay tuned right here for updates, including further details on the changes in JuiceDB 2.0.

JuiceDB: Join the Ω!

Ok ok, there are some changes. We cut the ratings in half to match our new scale and retired some 1.0 Flavors and converted them into Flavor Tags associated with the review.