With the launch of JuiceDB 2.0, one of the biggest mechanical changes to the site was the removal of ratings on businesses. As a stopgap measure we sorted businesses by favorites, but that didn’t quite feel right. We really didn’t have a way for the community to explore new and exciting businesses!

Today we launch version 2.0.2 of JuiceDB, which includes a new business rating mechanism based entirely off the reviews on the products they create. Interested in more information on how this rating works or interested in the other changes in this version? Read on!

New Business Ratings System

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll remember that in version 1 of JuiceDB we rated businesses based off the scores attached to reviews of that business. This really didn’t work that well (in our opinion) and the reviews on businesses were only useful to a certain degree. That’s why it never existed in JuiceDB 2.0.

What we learned from 1.0 was that people really wanted to make known their favorite flavors in these business reviews. Our team considers reviews like that as “Off Topic”, as it has nothing to do with the business as a business, and that information really belongs in a juice review.

The solution? Let’s make Juice Reviews count towards the Business Rating.

That’s exactly how it works now. Over the last two weeks this has been our primary focus and we think it’s pretty awesome now. It still needs tweaking and will change over time as we find methods to make it even better.

What we are doing now, to each individual business, is as follows:

  • Finding every user that has reviewed a product for this business.
  • Pluck out the reviews each user has created for this business.
  • Creating a user-specific, weighted, and effective rating for the business.
  • Combining all of these user specific ratings using the Bayesian Average and creating a new business rating.

You can filter this out by time frame just like you can on juices as well. It’s easy to see who’s popular this week, month or even last 3 months. If you’ve got ideas or questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

Basic User Weighting of Reviews

The first step in making reviews an amazingly useful system is to know our users. The community doesn’t specifically need to know who they are, but that they are a unique individual. With 2.0’s launch we introduced the user verification system, allowing you to verify your identity in a variety of ways.

We’re now taking that verification information and weighting reviews based on it. The more authentic we know you are, the more trust we’ll put into your reviews as being from a real person. This doesn’t affect the numbers an incredible amount and most users won’t notice the change, but for our community, this will be a boon to fighting spammy shill reviews.

This is the first step in our weighting system and many more distinct factors will be added as we release new features.


A smattering of other fixes and updates:

  • On the Juices page, you can now filter data by quarter (3 months) on Most Popular and Most Reviewed. It only includes reviews written in the last 3 months.
  • Defaulted the Juices and Businesses from All Time to Quarter. We like to keep things fresh on those pages.
  • The verification links in emails should now work properly if you’re not logged in.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the password reset from working if you used the wrong casing.
  • Improved business filtering and added time frame filtering.
  • Fixed a bug in the juice creation that let you create another juice of the same brand.
  • Added some silly text about the magic we perform for business ratings. Literally.
  • Made the “Juice Created” message after you create a new juice to orange. Max likes orange.
  • Fixed a bug causing pages to not render businesses without any juices.

Outstanding Issues

We’re still trying to fix a few things and have gotten reports of the following:

  • The Email Verification sometimes takes hours to deliver the message. We’re STILL working on tracking down this issue.


If you stumble across something that doesn’t work or doesn’t look right, we can’t make it better unless you tell us about it! Don’t hesitate to submit bugs and feedback to us through one of the following channels:

It helps when reported issues are as specific as possible, so be sure to include the following information and anything else you think might be relevant:

  1. The URL of the page you were on when you experienced the issue.
  2. The browser/device you were using when you noticed it.