As somewhat of a surprise to everyone (our team included), we updated our coupons page today with some updates that should help bring it to life. We implemented a reddit style voting system to help deal with the multiple holiday seasons we have coming up soon.

We are in the process of rebuilding this entire section in order to make it even easier to find great deals throughout the vaping industry. If you’re interested in the nitty gritty of what we changed, keep reading.

Reddit-style Voting on Deals

For years now our deals section has been “OK” during normal times of the year, but during holidays, it’s a bit overwhelming. On a typical holiday, JuiceDB will see anywhere from 50-100+ coupons, causing the coupons page to just overflow with information. Last year during the black friday season I think you had to go 6 pages deep just to see everything that was being offered!

So to help make it easier for everyone this holiday season, we’ve implemented a reddit style interface and voting onto our coupons and made it the default page. JuiceDB users can upvote and downvote deals as they come in to help the best deals rise to the top.

With a system like this, if only a few coupons are created every day, the voting won’t have much of an impact. Time is the major factor in this system, and the voting is really used to separate coupons that all come in at the same time. However, even though the positions of the deals won’t change drastically, we still show the number of votes on each one, so cast your vote to show support or dislike for any given coupon!

Weighting applies here too

The last time we did an up/down voting system things got a bit nasty. People were creating extra accounts to manipulate the system and we ended up just removing it. This time around we’re using the same user weighting mechanisms that we use for reviews to combat this problem. We also will still be watching for duplicate accounts and removing them as necessary.

More updates to coupons soon!

With Business Testing well underway and almost all major features completed, our primary development focus right now is on our coupon system. We have a number of changes coming to help make it more useful, easier to navigate, and to help you find a great deal. If you’ve got suggestions, drop us a line!