For more than two years, the community has relied on JuiceDB, as an independent and objective ratings and reviews resource, to help them discover and explore the most popular e-liquids, brands, and stores. Every holiday, the community turns to JuiceDB in droves to save money, thanks to its massive aggregation of deals and coupon codes, the largest around (that we know of?)!

We hope you’ll consider JuiceDB as a primary channel for promoting your holiday sales. It’s completely free to submit Deals and Coupon Codes to JuiceDB, and doing so allows you to get your brand and products in front of thousands of engaged vapers looking for the best place to spend their hard-earned money this holiday season.

Maybe you already know what a great platform JuiceDB is for showcasing your brand. Maybe you also know you don’t need to submit deals yourself, because the community will inevitably find it and post it for you. But did you know that you can also track on-site performance for your deals with JuiceDB Business Tools?

Built around our world-class community resource, this free suite of tools allows businesses to connect with the community, cultivate brand awareness and goodwill, and generate interest in their products.

Business Tools has too many features to list here (scroll down on the claiming page linked above for a full list of features), but there are two features that businesses find invaluable during the holiday season; Coupon Management and On-Site Analytics.

Coupon Management

Any member of the community can submit deals and coupon codes to our Find Deals page, but claiming your business with Business Tools gives you enhanced control over deals listings on our site. Not only can you add, edit, and expire deals and coupon codes from a single interface, you can also pre-load scheduled coupons and track granular on-site performance of your deals, juices, and business profile. Which leads me to the next point…

On-Site Analytics

Below is a screenshot of live data from an actual juice brand’s Business Tools analytics suite. The blue line represents the combined total number of views on this business’ deal pages, juice pages, and business profile, while the red bars represent outbound traffic to the business’ online store.

The orange annotations represent the number of the sample business’ deals that went live on that day. It’s no accident that the spikes in page views and outbound clicks coincide with deals going live. Though not shown in the example, blue annotations represent reviews written, which are critical to prominent appearance in “organic” content, like on the homepage, Discover Juices page, and Explore Businesses pages.

We’ve been serving the community for a long time and have built a strong following of regular visitors and reviewers. Posting deals to JuiceDB is a great way for a new business to get their “foot in the door” and open up the opportunity for reviews, which fuels long-term visibility on the site.

So find out what JuiceDB can do for your business this Holiday season. Don’t forget to claim your business, post a killer Thanksgiving deal, and encourage your loyal customers to upvote your deal on the Find Deals page. If you can nurture the relationship with your newfound customers and turn those sales into reviews, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your coupon(s) long after the sales have died down.

Thanks for reading and happy holidays from the JuiceDB team! We hope we’ll see you in Business Tools soon!