Focusing on JuiceDB's roots, being a useful tool

Last Friday we quietly launched an entire new set of features, some of which you may already be using. This update included interactive tooltips, a revamp to the account pages, aspects of social media and our first daily digest email focusing on deals. These latest upgrades to JuiceDB are entirely focused on bringing JuiceDB back to it's roots as a tool for the community.

Throughout the text of this post, we will be dive into all of the new features in JuiceDB 2.2, including:

We have been waiting for a long time to build these features and we hope you're as excited as we are. For all the details and how to utilize these new features, read on.

The JuiceDB Tooltip
JuiceDB Tooltips
Hovering over the name of a Juice, Business, User or Tag will popup an interactive tooltip.
Note: You must be a registered user to use the interactive/saving features.
Tooltips and quick interactions

If you've been using the site anytime in the last few weeks, you probably noticed tooltips suddenly appearing on Juices, Businesses and Users. We launched them a few weeks back without saying much - we felt they were useful on their own and didn't require much explanation. These tooltips however are much more than just small informational blurbs, they are now your access point to a myriad of tools.

A note to mobile users: Most of these features are designed for our desktop users. Fear not, we have a solution to this problem and will be talking about it very soon.
Following - keep on top of your interests
Follow juices, businesses, users and flavor tags directly from any tooltip.

As JuiceDB has grown over the years, the difficulty of keeping on top of what you're interested in has become increasingly difficult. We found that we needed better ways to help track our interests - our first feature to help with this is the follow button.

With the first iteration of this system, we've introduced the ability to follow:

Juices: Follow juices you're interested in to get updated when a new deal is posted or someone writes a new review for it.
Businesses: Follow businesses you're interested in to get updated when new deals or reviews are posted.
Users: Follow users who write good reviews to get updated whenever they write a new review.
Flavor Tags: Follow flavor tags you enjoy to get updated whenever it's used in a new review.

You can also stop following anything using the tooltip at any time, just click the little dropdown arrow next to the follow button and hit "Unfollow".

If you had juices on your "wishlist" before this update, they have all been added to a new "custom list" called "wishlist" (read more about custom lists below). We also automatically followed all of those juices for you in order to keep on top of new reviews and deals.
Advice: Follow all the juices and businesses you'd like to try someday. You'll be able to see new reviews and get updated about new deals.
What happens when I follow or like something?
a Juice a Business a User
When I Follow...
Reviews of the Juice
Deals for the Juice
Reviews of their Juices
Reviews of the Business
Deals from the Business
Reviews by the user
When I Like...
Deals for the Juice
Deals from the Business
Liking - the quicker way to track your favorites
Like juices and businesses directly from their tooltips

The old "favorite" button for juices and businesses have been retired, and replaced with the Like button. You'll find a little heart icon in the bottom right of the tooltips for all Businesses and Juices that you encounter throughout the site

Liking a juice will add it to your "My Favorites" section of your account page, and you'll be updated whenever a new deal for it is posted. If you're interested in new reviews for the juice as well, make sure to follow it! More information about notifications can be found below in the My Account section of this post.

Advice: Like all of the juices you order regularly to stay on top of new deals.
Notes - jotting down thoughts as you go
Add notes about a juice directly from any tooltip

Have you ever read a review of a product, added it to your wish list, and then later totally forgot why it's there? Our team sure has, and that's why we are introducing notes for juices. You can access them easily from any juice tooltip just by clicking the pencil icon.

These notes are then available to you in anytime you access the tooltip for that product, and are also in your My Account section under My Notes.

Note: All notes are all private (except this one)

Notes are for you, and no one else. You can use them to keep track of whatever you'd like and they'll never be displayed anywhere on the site but in your tooltips and on your account page.

Custom Juice Lists - Organize your heart out

Not only did we remove favorites, but we also removed the past version of wish lists. These wish lists have all been transformed into what we're calling Custom Lists. Everyone starts off with one private custom list, the wish list, but can add an unlimited number of extra lists for whatever they'd like.

These lists are available to you in your My Account section under My Lists.

Custom Lists are all private by default, but can be made public

Any list you create will be private by default, but you have the option to make it public. If you make a list public, you'll be able to share the URL of that list with anyone else. If you want to make your own "Best of 2016" list, or maybe a list of the "Top RY4 Flavors", go for it!

We plan on expanding this system in the future to give you more ways to interact with and share these lists.

"My Account"
Your account page

The entire "My Account" section of the website has been completely reworked to fit with the new features listed above. When visiting your account page, you'll be greeted with updates on everything you're involved with and following on JuiceDB. This new page includes notifications for:

New reviews posted related to something you're following.
New deals that are posted for anything you're following or things you've liked.
A notification for when someone starts following you.
A notification for when someone votes on one of your reviews.

On the top of the page you'll also have filters that let you specify what kind of activity you'd like to view.

The New User Experience

Another aspect we have improved is known as the "new user experience". A brand new user on the site will now be guided bit by bit to help them learn what JuiceDB is all about. It helps with email verification, personalizing the user profile, and starting that first review.

Daily Deals Notifications
Daily Deals Digest Email

We know people don't have time to keep up on all the crazy deals that happen every holiday in the vaping industry, so we want to bring the deals to you. Not just every deal under the sun, but the ones that you're actually interested in.

Once a day (in the afternoon), JuiceDB compares everything you've liked and everything you're following to all of the deals submitted in the last 24 hours. If it finds any matches between these lists, it emails you once with all of the new deals. If no matches are found, no email is delivered for that day.

Notes about our new deals email
You must have a verified email on your account to opt-in.
If you no longer wish to receive these emails, just update your notifications preferences. A link to this page is included in every email.
We find most deals are submitted in advance or in the morning, so it's likely that the email you receive in the afternoon will have all deals included for that day and give you an opportunity to order that evening.
If you opt-in for this email, it's the only email you'll get. We won't start emailing you with other things. We take spam seriously and won't be abusing the trust you put in us.
Opt-in for our Daily Deals Email
Example Daily Deals Email

Visit your notifications preferences page to opt-in to receive these digest emails.