3 years ago today, JuiceDB launched

It's been a crazy adventure, but now it's time to take a moment to celebrate! Originally, what we wanted to do was coordinate the launch of our new mobile app with the celebration of the site’s 3rd anniversary. We decided against that (for reasons discussed separately), but we figured it would be a shame not to celebrate at all. So we decided to treat it like any other holiday in the vaping industry and get you some deals!

All of the deals on the homepage (06/24 through 06/26) have been graciously provided to you by some of our favorite vendors, in celebration of JuiceDB 3rd anniversary.

The state of JuiceDB

We don't talk about the people and plans of JuiceDB that often. Today however, felt like a good day to step back and appreciate how JuiceDB has grown. Three years ago, we started off as a tiny database designed to replace a spreadsheet. JuiceDB sure looked different back then. Today we're a small team dedicated to providing knowledge and creating applications in the vaping industry.

It's also grown from a single guy building something, into a team of community members passionate about the importance of consumer voices and information in vaping. The volunteers behind JuiceDB is what powers this story. Today we have 2 guys (Aaron & Max) dedicated full time on the project, a part time designer (Nick), 2 admins (sc0lm00 & wump), and 3 moderators (lacey, p00pb0t and veroden). Without the efforts of these individuals, we wouldn't be where we are now and celebrating what we've accomplished.

Exciting times are soon approaching for JuiceDB as well! We have a lot planned out to make JuiceDB even more useful. We are working hard on our new mobile app, we have a whole new version of our juice pages on the horizon, and we'll be releasing a badge system to reward users who contribute to the community.

A big thank you to our community

JuiceDB wouldn't be where it is today without you. This entire site has been a grassroots movement, word of mouth, by passionate people who have an interest in vaping. So from our team to you, thank you.