We thought it would be really cool if we could take the app live on the app stores on the same day as the site’s third anniversary. As that day (today) grew closer, we realised we weren’t satisfied with the app experience and didn’t want to rush it out the door just because it would be “cool.” As you can probably guess, the mobile app isn't launching today, but we wanted to take a moment and talk about our revised plans.

This is our first app, and when we started development, we didn’t know nearly as much about building apps as we do now. In fact, photo check-ins, one of our strongest new features, wasn’t even on our radar when we started. So our expectations have shifted, and although it’s functionality may be great for users who know their way around, we think the interface could be confusing and unintuitive for new users.

As such, we’re going to take a little extra time to reimagine how the tools are presented and really refine the experience. Designing and implementing these changes is going to take time, and we don’t have a new target date for launch, but we’ll post updates as we have more details to share.

While we don’t have the scope of the work completely defined, there are a few key components we’ll be focusing on; 1) a badge system to reward participation in the community, 2) a streamlined interface to make it more engaging and easier to use, and 3) improved personal preference tracking.

These changes should significantly improve the experience for any users trying out the app for the first time. We hope that if you haven’t signed up for the mobile app beta yet, you’ll consider doing so and help shape the future of the app.