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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Businesses - Code of Conduct

We value the relationship between the businesses involved in JuiceDB and our team. We also hold these businesses to a higher standard and expect these businesses to respect the community that we are working to build. The following rules apply to anyone who is involved in the electronic cigarette and/or vaping related business, including:

Anyone who is employed or has ownership of a business that produces “Juices” for electronic cigarettes and vaping supplies.
Anyone involved in a relationship with a company that produces “Juices” for electronic cigarettes and vaping supplies.
Anyone who is involved in selling, marketing or distribution of “Juices” for electronic cigarettes and vaping supplies.
Any family of all of those listed above.

These rules exist to protect our community which is comprised of your customers.

What you are NOT allowed to do on JuiceDB.com

If you fall into the categories above...

... you are not allowed to review products or business you work for or are involved in.
... you are not allowed to solicit reviews from your users by offering them incentives (more on this below).

What you are allowed to do on JuiceDB.com

You may write reviews, but your reviews will be closely monitored. We encourange professionals in the industry to express themselves, but we reserve the right to remove reviews if problems arise because of them.
You may link to your JuiceDB pages and ask your customers to share their experiences with the community.
You may add your own juices into the database as well as an entry for your business.

Soliciting Reviews

Businesses are not allowed to solicit reviews by offering products, discounts or deals.

Every business wants reviews on their products. JuiceDB want reviews on those products as well. However - offering discounts on products for reviews can cause problems for everyone (JuiceDB included). In the past JuiceDB has encountered a number of undesirable situations from businesses running these kinds of promotions.

Until a proven method for businesses to run these promotions has been established, we ask that all businesses refrain from these actions.

Any business engaging in this type of promotion will be contacted by the JuiceDB team to notify them of this rule. If no change in the behavior of contacted businesses occurs, JuiceDB reserves the right to:

Remove suspect review(s) from JuiceDB.com or flag them with a warning. The warning will state that this review may be disingenuous due to the fact that it was written for personal gain.
If the same behavior continues for prolonged periods of time, we reserve the right to remove the offending business, it's reviews, and all products from JuiceDB.com.

We will make every attempt at building a meaningful relationship with businesses in the industry, but we ask that you respect our community and what JuiceDB is trying to accomplish.