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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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This vendor is as good as you make 'em. Go there with an original or clone recipe or even just a few bucks and a penchant for experimentation. *Free US shipping through October 2014
From the proprietor "I first got the idea for VapeCrafter browsing around Reddit's DIY_eJuice subreddit. I saw so many people making their own custom juice precisely because it allowed them control over every aspect of their juice, and while some online shops offered some sort of customizing, they all fell short of what people could control when they did it themselves.

Here at VapeCrafter, our mission is to provide the typical vaper with the tools they need to make exactly what they want: something delicious, something one-of-a-kind, exactly what they want. You want 20 different flavors in your mix? Go ahead and experiment! You don't want 6 mg nicotine or 3 mg nicotine but something in between? We don't limit you to choices, we encourage you to explore!"

fistfulofvapor fistfulofvapor
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Joined 7 years ago

I'd read a lot about Vape Crafter, not all of it good. Like any free thinking person I wanted my own experience to be able to make an honest, and informed appraisal.

First the good. I really love this company for their customer service, and their unique business idea, as well as their product which I found to be so unique and of such high quality I have made them my only juice supplier.

Vape Crafter has a small assortment of signature juices, none of which I have tried. Their brilliance shines when looking at their business model, customer service, and products. Here's what I mean:

A few months ago when vaping became more than an ego-twist form of enjoying vaping and moved into a box-mod and 120ml of juice per week I found myself looking into DIY E-Juice options. Inexpensive way to pursue my hobby, right? Okay. But where to start.

Enter Vape Crafter. I sent them the recipe I wanted and they mixed it for me to my specifications using the specific flavors from the flavor manufacturers I wanted, steeped it, bottled it up, and sent it to me special delivery. Yeah. You read that correctly. If I want flavors mixed from specific flavor manufacturers Vape Crafter will use the specific flavors I instruct.

Here's something else. Nicotine strengths. Ever want a nicotine strength other than 0% - 3% - 6% - 12% - etc.? What if you wanted, say 4.3%? or 3.4%? or maybe 6.1%? 5.2%? 7.9%? 7%? Doable, but why not available? Nicotine is available in any percentage from Vape Crafter. I like 3.4% and that's what I'm shipped.

Now. This whole thing started when I was interested in getting into DIY juice mixing. I wrote to Vape Crafter and posed to them the option of making base mixtures I can add my own Nicotine base to. They will mix me flavor bases. In addition they will mix nicotine bases in either PG or VG.

Juices mixed to my specifications. Bases mixed to my specifications.

Brilliant. I don't need to run all over the internet collecting flavorings from all my favorite manufacturers, or mixing supplies (beakers, funnels, syringes, ultrasonic steepers, magnetic heat mixers, etc.). Vape Crafter has all this in a clean lab.

Is getting clear why I really like this company?

Here's another thing. Let's say for instance they forget to send me a bottle. In example, I ordered something and it was overlooked. Happens, right? I open my first class delivery package and find a bottle has been omitted, or some other mistake. Am I doomed? Do I need to rant, bad mouth the company on the internet without contacting them? Reverse my credit card charges? Certainly those are options. On the other hand ...in my experience contacting the company? This results in them overnighting what was inadvertently omitted. In actual practice this has happened for me. Usually they DOUBLE the omitted product and overnight it to me at no cost to me. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Juices mixed to my exact specification -- ingredients, flavors, PG/VG mix, custom Nicotine percentage -- and an attentive, and available customer service.

I said first the good. The bad is I find it hard to find anything to dislike about Vape Crafter. When I have questions I send off an email and get a personal response.

I hope that helps illuminate the brilliance of Vape Crafter.

In a vast ocean of Vaping, navigating the uncharted/rocky shores of manufacturing can be a threat. I feel comforted in finding a safe haven at Vape Crafter.

father-luke father-luke
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Joined 6 years ago

I got exactly what I wanted. Will definitely be using these guys again.

shortbutlucky shortbutlucky
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Joined 7 years ago

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