Founded in 2014, Bigglesworth Labs began with a single mission: create an all day vape. After six months of mixing every weekend, Prairie and Snowdrift were born. This ethos of dogged determination...
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Founded in 2014, Bigglesworth Labs began with a single mission: create an all day vape. After six months of mixing every weekend, Prairie and Snowdrift were born. This ethos of dogged determination in crafting a flavor continued, and over the course of the following year, two more flavors were created - Valentine and Amalfi. Each flavor has undergone rigorous testing and revision until perfected. If we don't say so ourselves, it's pretty good juice.

In 2015, we partnered with Bombies Automatic to bring our flavors to the public at an affordable price. We don't believe "premium" juice should be so expensive and our pricing reflects that. We also believe your purchase should be ready to enjoy the day you receive it, which is why all of our liquids are processed and stabilized (pre-steeped) so that they're ready to vape the moment they hit your mailbox.

These flavors are a labor of love, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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Amalfi stripped down to it's core and built back up with a sweeter, less dense cake and a bright lemon. As is my preference, I tried to make it so that it's sweetness isn't overpowering, allowing for an enjoyable all day vape experience.


Almond cake with a hint of apricot jam. I wanted to make something that represents a part of my heritage, and almond cake (really almond paste) has been among my favorite dessert flavors I've ever tried. I feel I've captured the essence of that flavor in Amalfi.


Chocolate, mint and light cream. I've tried many good chocolate mint flavors in my time but often they start to lose their flavor, or become unappealing. I've attempted to craft a chocolate mint that stays refreshing and delicious for as long as you can vape it.


Prairie under ice. Axiom Icicles lends a refreshing crispness to the earthy complexity that is Prairie. This has been my ADV for over a year, and I've never gone more than a tank of another juice away from it.


Lightly baked apples, bakery cinnamon, subtle cake undertone.


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Smell was unappealing, but I didn’t judge a book by its cover so I tested it. Flavor is good, but not good enough for me to buy again or give another shot. Best to take a pass on this one, despite its intriguing description.

hconstant0808 hconstant0808
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Nic 3mg
Value 3 /5
Flavor Accuracy 5 /5
Cloud Production 5 /5
Throat Hit 2 /5

Forgive me if this is sloppily written as it's my first review.

Valentine really surprised me. The chocolate isn't so much a melt-in-your-mouth feel but rather it reminds me of the cold, dark chocolate flakes in mint chocolate chip ice cream. It's not bitter or chalky, it's actually very smooth and spot on as far as what chocolate should taste like. The "light cream" is certainly there, and lends itself as a slightly sweet undertone. Valentine's minty-ness blends perfectly with the chocolate and is what leads me to refer to it as an ice cream type flavor. If you're looking for a good chocolate mint flavor that doesn't rely on an overload of sweeteners to sell product, Valentine might just be what you're looking for. It's bright, refreshing, and has become one of my ADV's. Now only if it'd just go on sale again..

As for value, 30mL which I consider to be a good sample size if it sounds appealing to you, is priced at $12. While the quality of the juice certainly justifies the price, I'm cheap and typically only buy during sales. I've listed value as a 3/5 as at $12/30mL, that's about as much as I used to spend when buying housemade juice at a local B&M ($15/30mL). Considering that's $12 before shipping and taxes.. it's really up to you whether or not you can wait for the next sale. Either way, I'd most definitely recommend this to anyone who's intrigued.

Reviewed using: Goon 1.5 RDA Dual Claptons 0.44ohms at 65w

tomothy tomothy
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Joined 4 months ago

I don't know what everyone seems to be smoking, but the reviews and description for this juice are WAY different than the flavors I get from it. I get ZERO banana or peanut butter flavors first off, I don't even understand how anyone could taste this and think oh yeah bananas, nope. I don't get any REAL flavor of tobacco either, at least nothing tasting like a NET or anything real. There is a DARK brown earthy type flavor which I'll give them as tobacco-ish, but it's more just a dark earthy background note. The predominant flavors I get from this are a kind of an herbal medicinal spice kinda flavor, mainly an anise with maybe a hint of sharp herbal mint. I HATE anise. HATE HATE HATE anise. It's a flavor that should never be in any kind of mystery blend, it should always be noted right up front, it's WAY too polarizing a flavor and sticks out WAY too much in anything it's in to just be there for kicks. I don't know if anise is ACTUALLY in the mix, but I taste it or something in the same family for sure. I don't know this stuff has a weird dark earthiness, maybe a slight tobacco/peat/dark chocolate mixed with some herbal/spice deal that to me just isn't appealing. To me I get no fruit, no nuts and the description is so far off base I feel like I got the wrong juice...but I didn't it's clearly yeah if you don't like that herbaceous/spiced medicinal anise flavor you aren't gonna like this.

rowdyroddy rowdyroddy
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The flavor is a nice almond and lemon. I got very little cake out of it, but I was still satisfied. Keep in mind this is not a sweet juice, it tastes more natural. To me it tastes like a lemon and almond cookie made with little sugar. It definitely hits the spot if you're looking for a rich vape without a lot of sweetener.

Upon first opening the bottle it smelled like potpourri. I put it in my tank and hit it a few times. It tasted like potpourri. So I put it aside and waited for my RDA to come in. This is definitely a juice that needs to be dripped at a higher wattage. It's not my adv, but I look forward to getting to drip it while at my desktop.

goldenwulwa goldenwulwa
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PG/VG, Nic 50/50, 6mg

Amity is a quality lemon-bakery juice. The official profile is remarkably accurate. The juice is less dense on the bakery/cake element than most baked goods juices. The lemon is less sweet and less overpowering than most citrus vapes. The two elements work well together to create a juice that is pleasant but not overly intense. Worthy of a repurchase for me.

Reviewed using: Pico with Serpent Subohm at .5 ohms, 28 watts

gwcavy gwcavy
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I only had the opportunity to try Amalfi, but it was a very good dessert(ish) flavor. Shipping was quick. Made my order early in the morning and tracking arrived in my Inbox on the same day. Bigglesworth's service was good, their descriptions were spot on, and their prices are average. Overall, hard to expect much more than simple, straightforward service, good tasting juice, and decent prices. Bigglesworth is definitely worth a try if you haven't had them before.

kungfoogorilla kungfoogorilla
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Bigglesworth Prairie is my favorite ADV. Everyone that I've told to try it thinks it sounds weird (peanut butter, tobacco, menthol??), but then they are hooked once they try it. I like to fill with Prairie and Snowdrift back and forth, the flavors are similar but Snowdrift has more mint.

seldomburn seldomburn
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Joined 11 months ago

Unique and delicious juices that stand out in the crowd. Not only is their juice amazing, (Snowdrift almost actually killed all other juices for me) but the owner is a stand up guy and great juice maker all around.

bobbybrewski bobbybrewski
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juice for a grown up palette. you may think these flavors are outside of your comfort zone and you're probably right. but that doesnt mean they arent delicious. they are all pretty unique tastes and it's cool to see a vendor bring a juice line to the market that thinks a little bit outside of the box.

bigglesworth labs didn't waste time or energy bringing the same handful of boring flavors into their lineup. they chose 4 very memorable flavors and are running with it.

greghardee greghardee
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Good prices, fast shipping and they sent me a sample too. Amalfi is a wonderful dessert vape my favorite in their line.

imo imo
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Joined 2 years ago

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