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Creamy, sweet, smooth mango. 4 different types of mangos blended with cream makes for an incredibly smooth and satisfying vape. A moderately sweet, creamy fruit vape.


Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Tired of cotton candy juices you can’t taste? Does your blue raspberry taste like medicine? Not anymore! Such flavor! All the cotton candy! All the raspberry! Live out your dream as a carny without leaving home! A sweet candy-like vape.


A natural sweet banana is predominant throughout this juice, followed up with a hazelnut-caramel cookie finish. 10 flavors were combined to make this much more than just a simple cookie.


Warm Belgium waffles, covered in vanilla ice-cream, topped with cinnamon-dusted apples. There will also be cake. No steeping necessary.


Sweet strawberries on the inhale, followed by the tartness of lemons and limes on the exhale many people have described as a cherry lime-aid from your local drive-in. Unsure of it’s specialization, so it carries them both proficiently. Unlike your last character.


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Nic 6mg
Value 1 /5
Flavor Accuracy 2 /5
Cloud Production 2 /5

"Vaguely blue raspberry cotton balls" is the best way I can describe this. I've bought this twice now, probably over a year or more apart from each other since my first experience with it was so bad. Same disappointment the second time around. Incredibly dry and harsh hits without much flavor. Literally hurt my throat to the point where I couldn't even use it and threw out the rest of the bottle (luckily I had bought it at a fairly discounted price around 4th of July sales). What little flavor I got was somewhat reminiscent of jolly rancher blue raspberry, but overpowered by cotton flavor (and no, it was not dry hitting).

Reviewed using: Smok Alien with a Freemax Mesh Pro tank, kanthal triple mesh coil

ziltoid21 ziltoid21
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2 Reviews
Joined 1 month ago
PG/VG, Nic 30/70, 50mg
Aged for 2 weeks
Value 5 /5
Flavor Accuracy 5 /5
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 4 /5

I bought the 50mg mango nic salt juice and it's been incredible. I have been trying for months to find a juice that can somewhat replicate Juul's mango pods and literally every juice was abysmal up until I was referred to level up. This juice ended up exceeding my expectations and overall I enjoy vaping this MORE than Juul's mango juice. Another bonus is as time goes on, my juice is steeping, and increasing in flavor profile which has led to a more rich, smooth mango flavor that is just fantastic. I will not be ordering nicotine salt juices from any other company, this is the one.

Reviewed using: Juul with J-Pod 1.2ohm refillable pods and a vaporesso renova zero w/ 1.0ohm coil

sam_o sam_o
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1 Reviews
Joined 6 months ago
PG/VG, Nic 25/75, 3mg
Value 5 /5
Flavor Accuracy 5 /5
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 2 /5

Flavor profile sounded great from the get go, and definitely did not disappoint. Fresh from the mail, the cotton candy flavor hits you right away with a tart raspberry following it. Overall not super strong flavors but oh so pleasant. After sitting for a couple of days and then shaking, the tartness on the raspberry wears off, leaving this as a very pleasant vape. This was the first juice I tried and now I regret only getting a 30 ml bottle instead of 120. Not too rich, but not lacking flavor, this is certainly an All Day Vape! A lot of raspberry flavors come off very harsh to me personally, but this one was not unpleasant in the slightest.

As far as pricing goes, as a first time customer I got 3x30mls for ~$21 shipped. Full price is $19.99 plus shipping for a 120ml bottle, plus a 10% discount code from here, so it's definitely worth the money!

Reviewed using: Tricore fused N80 clapton coil, ~0.28 ohms, 75 watts. Recurve RDA, Lost Vape Therion DNA75c.

lonefaust lonefaust
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23 Reviews
Joined 3 years ago

I've tried quite a few pear juices and this is by far my favorite. I'm not even usually a huge fan of pear flavored juices but this one is bomb. It's crazy to think it's an alcohol flavored juice because I'm usually not a fan of those either. You really get a poached pear flavor without it being an overpowering alcohol flavor. Pear is usually very strong, but the "poached" really helps tone it down. It's a really well done pear flavor. The vanilla ice cream and almond crumble, for me, is what really makes this juice ridiculously good. You get the creaminess of the vanilla throughout the entire vape which goes perfect with the pear. Right when you think you're just getting your everyday pears and cream vape you get that almond crumble. Idk what they did to create the flavor of this crumble but it's the best crumble I've had in a juice. The combination of all this literally tastes like your eating what's in the description. Another great thing is it's not overly sweet and doesnt destroy the coils at all. It's rare to find so much flavor in a juice that doesn't destroy the coils at least a little bit. You can tell a lot of time was put into this juice. Definitely recommend it.

juicytitz juicytitz
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1 Reviews
Joined 7 months ago
Nic 3mg
Value 5 /5
Flavor Accuracy 4 /5
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 3 /5

The Cake may be a lie but the ever changing nuances of the juice do not.

I was very surprised to find that slight wattage changes completely changed how this juice tastes. Higher and I get more apple and waffle, where as lower I get more cinnamon and vanilla ice cream. This is truly a juice you can dial in to your preference and get exactly what you want out of it. I found that the vanilla sometimes was overpowered by the waffle, which I was completely expecting. The apple and cinnamon were always present, which is a key thing I was looking for in this juice.

From the juice you get a nice, thick cloud. One of the biggest pluses to this juice is the lack of artificial sweetener! This juice was hand crafted with love, not cheapened by making up for lost flavor with sweetener.

If you are a fan of apple and cinnamon, this is a must grab. The waffle and ice cream help bring out the best in this flavor!

Reviewed using: VooPoo Drag, Doge v4, .26 ohms

somethingcobbles somethingcobbles
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4 Reviews
Joined 10 months ago

Store Reviews
18 reviews for Level Up Vapor.


I am not a gamer so the thematic elements are lost on me, but their customer service and the quality of their product are not. Their sample packs are currently on sale so I purchased their dessert sampler which came out to less than $0.20 per ml shipped (if you include the extra 15 ml they threw in). My order shipped in a box, bottles were bubble wrapped and then placed in separate zip lock bags, but somehow the post office still managed to break two bottles. What a received was a sticky mess. I salvaged what I could and texted a picture to Colby. He immediately sent me another set with even more samples (this time in plastic unicorn bottles). Did I mention the shipping time is only two business days? I have only sampled about 5 of the now 10 flavors I have received and they have ALL been good. Flavors have a nice intensity and profiles are accurate. I will have a hard time choosing what to reorder. Definitely a vendor worth supporting.

mislista mislista
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42 Reviews
Joined 3 years ago

UPDATE: Have ordered 3 times total now, consistent good service and quick shipping.

Really impressed with my first-time experience.

Was shipped promptly - the owner even double checked with me that my address was correct since my Chrome auto-filled it in a little weird.

Awesome packaging as well - the bottles have a nice frosted-glass look to them. Each flavor has the creative name of the juice AND great information/clarity with little icons and simple descriptions of the flavors on the bottles - I wish more vendors did this! It makes it very easy to try out the 8-flavor sample pack and share it with my wife and friends. "Want to try out Filthy Casual?" - "What flavor is it?" "Says here it's Tropical Pear". Perfect!

Speaking of which, pricing on the sample pack was a pretty good deal as well. 120ml total for about $25 - the price on the rest of their stuff isn't much to write home about, but it's certainly not the worst I've seen, and way better than most brick and mortar stores.

To top it all off, they sent steep instructions and a free Fallout-themed battery wrap.

treefort treefort
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24 Reviews
Joined 4 years ago

Level Up has some unique flavors. The flavors that I have tried were all great tasting flavors and a couple of those will make it into my permanent rotation of juices without hesitation. Level Up has great customer service, is active in the community, my order shipped the next day despite the influx of orders from the Halloween sales, and I'm happy to say I've found another great vendor to add to my already fantastic (and growing) list of preferred vendors. Level Up is totally worth giving a shot.

kungfoogorilla kungfoogorilla
Was this review:
241 Reviews
Joined 2 years ago


Where to start? The juice names are awesome, especially if you're a gamer ;) The website is easy to navigate, packaging was fabulous and I got an awesome Fallout battery wrap (thanks!), along with instructions on where to go to learn how to rewrap my battery. I still have a couple juices left to try, but the ones I did try were great.

Oh and those frosty bottles? To die for.

I definitely recommend Level Up Vapor.

veroden veroden
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684 Reviews
Joined 3 years ago

Shipping was good, a simple flat rate box with bubble wrap on each bottle individually, each in a separate poly bag. The box was filled with packing peanuts as well.

The bottles are awesome! Frosted glass just looks classy, the logos are in a video game sprite kind of look, and the lids are great! The droppers are very pliable and pull juice into the pipette easily. All the info is there vg/pg, nic, ingredients, and warnings.

Price is pretty good as well.

Overall not a bad product! The vendor is courteous and kept in touch with me (as I told him I'd be reviewing it) and he even gave me steep recommendations.

If I were you, I'd at least give them a shot!

valorfore valorfore
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54 Reviews
Joined 3 years ago

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