Iso 5 Lab No home garage production or bathtub chemistry to see here. Our manufacturing and bottling is done in a state of the art Iso 5 laboratory by a PH.D Chemist. The Iso 5 lab is 100 times cle...

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Iso 5 Lab No home garage production or bathtub chemistry to see here. Our manufacturing and bottling is done in a state of the art Iso 5 laboratory by a PH.D Chemist. The Iso 5 lab is 100 times cleaner than an Iso 7 lab to ensure that you get the cleanest and purist E juice available. Before you vape, know where your juice is coming from.

Made in the USA

Unlike some companies, we are a privately owned and operated company based in Los Angeles, CA. That means we have complete control over what goes in to our products and how our products are made. Our Vape Juice is not outsourced or a mix by number. From concept to completion, every flavor is created, tasted and perfected in our own facility with GMP compliance. We test every batch to ensure quality and consistency, that’s the Double Comma difference.


Theres nothing more frustrating than buying a premium ejuice only to find that the taste doesn’t match the description. Our Vape Juice can take your right back to a child hood memory or satisfy your craving for your current guilty pleasure. At Double Comma Vapes every flavor goes through extensive beta tasting and revisions by people who vape before hitting our shelves We don’t stop there. We are constantly dreaming up new flavors and introducing them on a monthly bases as our flavor of the month Don’t see your favorite flavor yet? Join the Double Comma Club and let us know what you’re craving.

Realistic Pricing

Our goal is to make our customers happy and give them an all day vape that wont break the bank. We have Vape Deals and Discounts running to make sure you can keep Double Comma Vapes as your Vape Juice Company!

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The perfect coffee drink. An exact replica of a Caramel Macchiato from the largest retail coffee chain. NO BURNT POPCORN TASTE!!!


Flavor: Lemon Energy Drink with ice exhale. Resembles a Rockstar Recovery (yellow can) on ice without the menthol


Flavor: Peach Crumble Oh the Classic Countach - as close to heaven as you can get! We think that the "Countach Crumble" Vape Juice is a close second! It's a dessert so good it deserves its own poster in your garage. The combination of fresh ripe peaches followed by the buttery sweet crumble topping with a dash of cinnamon is worth dreaming about, much like the Countach!


Iron award winner for best cereal flavor. The perfect combination of peanut butter crunch cereal with a hint of real banana on the exhale.


Flavor: PB & Grape Jelly Sandwich


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40 reviews for Double Comma Vapes's 6 different products.

Nic 3mg
Aged for 1 week
Value 5 /5
Flavor Accuracy 5 /5
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 1 /5

This juice knocked our socks off, smooth on the inhale with rich caramel and smooth on the exhale with a delicious deep coffee flavor. My wife is really, really picky and she tried one pull before demanding i order her "the biggest bottle I can get". This quickly became my favorite morning juice but is good for a after dessert vape as well. For some this will make a great adv.

Reviewed using: Gtrs vboy222 with a fireluke mesh coil at 45 watts

vapingguy vapingguy
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17 Reviews
Joined 4 weeks ago
PG/VG, Nic 20/80, 3mg
Aged for 3 weeks
Value 4 /5
Flavor Accuracy 2 /5
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 1 /5

Tried this juice fresh out of the mail and didn't really like it. There was no peanut butter and the grape was still really alcohol-y. After about 3 weeks of steeping, I tried it again and was pleasantly surprised. Still no peanut butter, but there was a slight creaminess to the grape flavor that really rounded it out. Not a fan of grape vapes, but I'll definitely finish the bottle.

I gave this a 3 because the flavor does not fit the profile on the label. I will mention that I bought a 100 ml bottle for 7.50 on one of their recent sales. Probably worth it if you can get a deal.

Reviewed using: 22g NiChrome80 8 Wraps w/ 2.5 m diameter in a Goon Rda

ag847 ag847
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8 Reviews
Joined 3 months ago

I bought this based on a recommendation over on ECR. I have been searching for a good coffee vape, and had absolutely zero luck. I came in not expecting much, but was honestly blown away.

Although its not quite "perfect", its as close as I've found yet. It has an authentic coffee flavor, without that " soured" flavor that plagues many other coffee juices. The cream is light, and I pick up a touch of caramel as well. Not much, but enough to taste.

This is a great juice in both sub ohm tanks as well as RDAs in TC. Its something I can drain a tank AND refill throughout the day, and I can't say that about many products. I was so happy with this, I blasted through >60ml of it over three days without switching flavors.

In the end, I'd recommend if you are searching for a good coffee vape. They are hard to find, but I think most anyone would be happy with this. Its one of my favorite overall, and I haven't run out since I first tried it.

celestial-oceanic celestial-oceanic
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11 Reviews
Joined 6 months ago
PG/VG, Nic 20/80, 6mg

Double Clutch Crunch isn't bad, it isn't spectacular either. I don't get a whole lot of the promised flavor elements out of the juice. I did not vape this and think "peanut butter and banana and cereal". There is some general nutty flavor. I don't detect any banana or bakery/cereal. The juice is still quite vapable. It just more a nutty/creamy juice than anything else. It is enjoyable as such, but not enough to make me feel the need to run out and get more.

Reviewed using: IPV 3 with Crown mini .5 ohms at 36 watts

gwcavy gwcavy
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214 Reviews
Joined 2 years ago
PG/VG, Nic 30/70, 3mg
Aged for 1 month
Value 3 /5
Flavor Accuracy 3 /5
Cloud Production 2 /5
Throat Hit 1 /5

I think I got my hopes up too much for this one as well. I'm a sucker for fruity menthol vapes, so I was excited at the prospect of a lemon menthol.

This one is ok, as another reviewer stated, it's not bad and it's not great. It's about what you'd expect I guess.

The good is that there is a healthy dose of cooling in here. This isn't just a lemon flavor with a slight hint of cooling, this one was made for people who enjoy it cold. The lemon isn't natural / juicy, but nor is it candied. It's kind of just a standard lemon flavor I guess, it adds a zesty jump to the menthol but doesn't stand out as a lemon vape to me. (Not saying it was going for that, either).

I've noticed this with some other citrus and menthol blends, but this one has that grittiness to it as well. It's almost like a grainy / gritty feel to it after the exhale. It doesn't bother me a ton, but I do wish it wasn't there.

As far as an energy drink vibe - to me I didn't get that. There's no sugary sweetness here as you might expect in a soft drink or lemonade. It's sweet in a way, just not in the way I associate to energy drinks. It does have a bit of a fizz to it, so in that light I guess you could say it comes across a bit carbonated. I swear there is a dash of lime in here too, but I could be imagining that.

Overall though, the taste of it is just ok - nothing that blows me away or makes me want to repurchase. It's a light lemony flavor with a healthy dose of cooling + some of that graininess texture. I'd say the intensity is a 5 or 6 out of 10, mostly because of the cooling.

As mentioned, it is about what you'd expect from the description. It's middle of the road for me.

Reviewed using: Lost Vape Triade DNA250 TC Box Mod, Dead Rabbit RDA, Dual 316L Claptons @.3Ω, 88W

wump wump
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369 Reviews
Joined 3 years ago

Store Reviews
4 reviews for Double Comma Vapes.


Where do I begin? I first started off with a bottle of Murcielago Macchiato, and boy was I hooked! It had an amazing and rich coffee flavor, followed by a smooth and subtle caramel flavor. By far, it was the best coffee flavor I had ever tried! Next off was Countach Crumble, which reminded me of a peach cobbler we used to make while camping. You get a agreat candied peach flavor, followed by a warm and crispy pie crust flavor. I would 100% recommend DoubleCommaVapes to ANYONE! Prices are great for premium flavors, and shipping is very quick! Not a single bit of disappointment.

irambes irambes
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Joined 11 months ago

Great quality especially for the 120ml BOGO. Catch a sale and it's cheap as dirt for premium juice. Same day shipping. I sent a message regarding a free sample of their PBJ flavor. Response within minutes. MINUTES. On a Sunday evening. Which I find amazing. I ordered 120ml of double clutch crunch during a sale few days later, and they sent me 30 ml of PBJ. Not just a sample...a whole bottle for free, during a half off sale. So needless to say, I can't recommend these guys enough. They need your business, the juice is very high quality stuff and customer service is the best I have had ever from any company, not just vape stuff. Check them out

jwrych01 jwrych01
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53 Reviews
Joined 1 year ago

Fastest shipping ever!! I placed an order on Friday evening over the Easter weekend and received it the following Monday. Well packaged in a box with filling and bubble wrap. Shipping was reasonable at $3.71. I ordered Hot Wheelz, Skyline Fuel and Murcielago Macchiato during their $3.50 for 30ml sale. It is now $2.99... They were out of some of their flavors though. The flavors are good, no chemical taste and fairly true to the description, but I don't think I would pay their normal price of $12.99 for 30ml. They are competing with several companies at that price point and I would be more likely to order from Cloudberry, Apothecary, Level Up, Centerfold, etc.

mislista mislista
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42 Reviews
Joined 2 years ago

Double Comma Vape has an amazing shipping time (Arrived 3 days after order) and packaging. Good website, amazing deals! However, i tried their sample pack, and only 1 out of 3 flavors was good. Might try them again to find a good one.

dafuqpost dafuqpost
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1 Reviews
Joined 1 month ago

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