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Sharp lemon curd topped with gooey meringue, all cradled by a thin pastry crust.


Natural strawberry is balanced against sweet, creamy custard and butter-caramel. A refreshingly different strawberry vape that will leave Mother's Milk gathering dust on your shelf.


A true taste of the old-school! Cornflake and syrup tart with a punchy layer of strawberry jam running through. The only thing missing is the crunch.


Cooked to perfection. Velvety, sweet, creamy rice pudding, with a tasty dollop of raspberry jam stirred through the finish. What's not to love?


This cool, minty, eucalyptus hit will almost take your breath away with its icy blast. This is the stuff that menthol lovers' dreams are made of.


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Literally the ONLY flavor to make me say "wow" when I first tried it. For me it's an ADV and I love the flavor. It's sweet, and the lemon flavor is not too tart. The pastry flavor is on the back end. It's just lovely. A go to for me since it was released. Job well done Dinner Lady.

sandyphelps sandyphelps
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Joined 2 weeks ago

BLUF: Amazing juice, ADV material.

This juice is totally worth the hype it gets. My favorite thing about it is how perfect the lemon notes are. Literally every other lemon flavored liquid I've tried has an off taste, a sort of dish soap, chemically vibe to it that makes it unvapable no matter how much sucralose they throw in.

Dinner Lady's lemon is spot on.

Another cool thing about this juice is that, for me at least, the taste varies from setup to setup. For example, vaping it at around 50w in a subohm tank I get more of a delicious, complex Trix/fruit loops flavor, but vaping it at higher temps in an RDA or RTA I get more of the lemon tart; the lemon curd, the crust and the meringue. No matter what setup I use, it tastes great. My only gripe is that I can only find it in 60ml bottles.

But yeah, this stuff is fantastic. One of the best juices I have ever vaped in my 4 years of vaping.

b1rdkeeper b1rdkeeper
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Joined 2 weeks ago
PG/VG, Nic 30/70, 3mg
Aged for 3 weeks
Value 3 /5
Flavor Accuracy 4 /5
Cloud Production 3 /5
Throat Hit 2 /5

So I do enjoy some lemon dessert vapes and wanted to try this to see what all the hype was about.

I will say that overall this juice is good. It does have a very nice lemon flavoring that mixes in well with the creamy meringue. The flavor intensity is decent (solid medium) and it's not overloaded with extra sweeteners. However, consistent with my experiences of some of the more widely marketed brands out there, there is just something a bit off about it for me. The exhale has a strange taste to it, and I'm not getting much of any pastry crust.

It's a bit dry, even had a bit of a throat hit at first, but in the end, I just can't get over the strange aftertaste. It's possible that it's PG related, or something my taste buds are interpreting differently I guess. But for me, it's an overall quality thing. This juice just doesn't seem to have the quality to justify the price tag in my opinion. It's good and obviously many other reviewers love it - but for me it fell a bit short, something I personally wouldn't reorder.

Reviewed using: Lost Vape Triade DNA250 TC Box Mod, Velocity RDA, Dual SS 26g @.3Ω, 85W

wump wump
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Joined 3 years ago
PG/VG, Nic 30/70, 3mg
Aged for 4 weeks
Value 5 /5
Flavor Accuracy 5 /5
Cloud Production 3 /5
Throat Hit 1 /5

By far one of the most accurate flavors I've had. Tastes spot-on of a meringue lemon tart with all the elements you expect - creamy, lemony, sweet, bakery dessert. Highly recommend trying this at least once.

Reviewed using: Cigpet Eco RDA - dual SS316L round wire - .2 ohms @ 65W

virj42 virj42
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Joined 1 year ago

This juice gets alot of hype, so...of course, I had to try it. Must say...its very good. Reminds me of a lemon iced cookie, or a lemon bar, or a lemon pie. When vaping, you get a nice, sweet, creamy lemon inhale. Not too sweet, just right. A hint of lemon with a cake, cookie, pastry on the exhale.

miksal miksal
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Joined 11 months ago

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Strawberry custard This is the best strawberry flavored juice I've ever tasted. I am super picky with juices, and nothing measures up to this sweet strawberry vape. Strawberry is the dominant flavor in this juice but I do taste a hint of custard on the exhale as well. My adv it's just Perfection 😍

vanessa vanessa
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Joined 9 months ago

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