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I had just gotten into vaping, and was really glad to notice this place had just opened right down the street from me. The two people working at the time (a younger man, and an older woman) and were very talkative and friendly. I did not feel awkward or like a burden like I have in other B&M. They mix all their flavors in house, and can even mix you a custom flavor if you need! They are a still a but new, so they don't happen to have all their juices and supplies listed, so if you happen to be in San Diego (they're located in East County, near the El Cajon In-n-Out) and have their full menu there, along with a tasting bar to sample flavors before you buy. Great deals at 10 bucks for 15ml and 25 for 3. Loooove it. Some of the flavors are already pre steeped, so you can use them right away, but waiting just makes all the flavors taste more explosive.

jasmineolivetree jasmineolivetree
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