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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Frosted donut cereal dipped in strawberry milk.


The One Eliquid: Blueberry is an incredible frosted donut cereal soaked in Blueberry milk that will keep you coming back for more.


A delicous, creamy, lemon crumble cake.


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PG/VG, Nic 30/70, 3mg
Value 5 /5
Flavor Accuracy 5 /5
Cloud Production 5 /5
Throat Hit 1 /5

I kept seeing recommendations for this juice so I finally ended up trying it. It is very sweet tasting even with nicotine added (I made a 3mg 100ml mixture)

Every couple of times you vape it you get different notes of the advertised flavours: A sweet sugary doughnut and plain cereal on the inhale mixed with a strawberry milkshake on the exhale!

I felt the initial strawberry taste was a bit overpowering, so I heat steeped the juice and it muted the strawberry flavour perfectly. It's like strawberries and cream now, rather than strawberry Nesquik milkshake.

I vape it around 80oC at only 33W with a 70W preheat and it still produces good size, flavourful clouds. A few of my friends have told me the clouds smell like sweet caramel. When vaped at higher wattage / hotter temperature and the vapor is warm, more of the glazed doughnut taste comes through

In my opinion this is a breakfast or dessert vape; rather than an ADV. But beware, once you start vaping it you won't want to stop until it tastes sickly! Definitely worth a buy. It has become a regular in my rotation!

Reviewed using: Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual - Gnome King atomizer - Updated WM01 Coil - Arctic Fox CFW 180617

koffing koffing
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2 Reviews
Joined 1 month ago

This is my favorite juice of all time and I've tried dozens, maybe even 100+ at this point. The One mercilessly slays them all. This juice is so goddamn good I can and do vape it all day every day, which is rare for e-juice. I used to love Kilo's Cinnamon Roll with a passion but then I tried Beard #32, loved that even more, and pretty quickly got burned out on cinnamon vapes altogether. I've been vaping this juice for a LONG time now, since it was released. The One is perfect in every way. It's sweet and satisfying. No weird aftertaste, no off notes, nothing funky or unpleasant, no harshness whatsoever.

What does it taste like? To me it's basically a strawberry frosted donut (yeah, it's that good) with a touch of cereal. It's got some complexity but it's not one of those "look at how complex I am" juices that get old after 60ml (looking at you Yogi Peanut Butter & Banana). It's rich but not too rich to the point where you can't vape it every day. This is an ADV for people with a sweet tooth. Goes great with coffee. Great after a meal. Great first thing in the morning. Great before bed. You get the picture.

One word of warning. If you end up loving this juice as much as I do and think "gosh I bet the lemon is just as good", prepare to be disappointed. I've heard the blueberry one isn't that great either.

The One deserves a 5/5, easily. If you haven't tried it and like sweet juices, do yourself a favor and grab a bottle of this heavenly nectar.

b1rdkeeper b1rdkeeper
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Joined 10 months ago

This juice is SWEET. Like, almost sweet enough to be gross. But it's not at that point, and what I enjoy most about this juice is that the more you vape it, the different aspects arise. Sometimes you'll get a note of cereal, sometimes of donut, and when you get a bit of the strawberry milk, it's phenomenal. This juice does absolutely obliterate your coils and cotton, so be a bit aware.

midean9 midean9
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Joined 2 months ago
PG/VG, Nic 30/70, 6mg

Straight-up blueberry on the inhale, donut on the exhale, with that sweetness you get from a glazed donut on both sides. When it comes to flavor accuracy, this is spot on to my tastebuds, and it even smells like blueberry pancake syrup.

Reviewed using: Wasp Nano

confusedheadbanging confusedheadbanging
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Joined 3 months ago

this is a very sweet juice, the flavors are so well balanced and just come together so well. i get a daste of the donut, the fruity pebbles and the strawberry cream/milk. i will point out that the strawberry tastes more like a strawberry syrup or something kind of like the stuff you mix in with your milk or maybe like a strawberry jelly, kinda taste more like a strawberry jelly filled donut with fruity pebbles and milk to me.. or the milk from the cereal ahd the jelly donut being dipped in that. but it tastes very good amd is currently one of my favorite juices! its hard to put down, definately an adv for me. and a realatively good price imo if you find the right deal, i will be buying a few more 100mil bottles. id say its a must try if you like these kinds of flavors.

greenbeast420 greenbeast420
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Joined 3 months ago

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