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I must say, Matt the owner really does care about his customers. I ran into an issue with a v-fin kit I ordered from them and received 2 days later, so free shipping was fast, but when I went to charge the mod, I got a battery error message. So when I contacted them about it, they were aware of this being an issue with this specific Smok product(not overcast fault because it was factory sealed and I verified it to be an authentic Smok product). So after seeing a bunch of others online having the same issue I simply asked if I could exchange for a different kit as opposed to a refund or a replacement V-Fin kit.. I was extremely impressed with how much he cared and wanted to make things right(even though I wasn't blaming them because there was no way of them knowing they were sending a factory sealed dud). So expecting to be issued a return label, Matt decided he didn't want anymore of my time wasted and let me keep the kit, because I can clearly still use the big baby prince tank and couple coils that came in the kit on a different mod. Also, I was able to get shipped out an Eleaf Saurobox Kit(that I absolutely love) and when it arrived a few days later, in the package with the Saurobox Kit was a Horizontech Falcon Mini tank along with 3 bottles of Eliquid, that we're all in the type of flavors/strength I actually use and we're all pretty damn good and when I emailed to thank him and ask how he knew what liquids I use, I had forgot about a previous order I made with them, in which he took it upon himself to look up and match up the type of liquids I had ordered previously with them to the free ones I was so happily surprised to receive with a replacement kit that was actually $10 more than the defective V-Fin kit I had originally ordered and was able to keep in which he had no problems with requesting to just swap out for me, even though I told him I'd paid the difference in which he said not to worry about it.. So with the level of customer service like that and to overly compensate me, for an issue that I never once thought was ever there fault, I figured letting others know by writing a review like this, was the least I could do, to let whoever reads this, that if you shop with them and get a fraction of the customer care that I received, you to will be 1 of there lifelong customers or for as long as you continue vaping at least. Thank you Matt and the rest of the team at overcast vapors, you went well above to completely resolve a situation by doing the things spoken about in this review and I was not at all expecting, but obviously more than happy to receive.. Thanks again!

alwayscloudy11 alwayscloudy11
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