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JuiceDB - Code of Conduct

JuiceDB.com is a site containing reviews of E-Liquids and Vape Juice Flavors from users across the world. The moderation staff here at JuiceDB will do their best to remove false claims and incorrect information. We will not however remove any valid opinions, experiences or slant anything just to favor a business.

This document is set out to establish some guidelines for everyone participating on the site. Please note, violating these rules may result in your account being suspended and review information being removed from display. While we value you as a user of the site, we value the integrity of the community over that over the individual. You’ll find contact information at the bottom if you need to discuss any action taken by our moderation staff.

For rules specific to the businesses listed on JuiceDB, please visit our Businesses - Code of Conduct page.

Guidelines for Everyone

You have the right to speak your mind, but please we have the right to remove reviews (and possibly suspend users) with any of the following subject matter:

Excessive Vulgarity
Inappropriate Content
Anything threatening to another anyone
Referencing an actual person by name or username (this isn’t a forum)

We also closely monitor activity by users to ensure that the system is not being manipulated. If we detect suspicious behaviour in any of the following categories, we may suspend the suspect account:

Posting on behalf of someone else
Manipulation of votes on user reviews
Manipulation of ratings on juices and businesses
Creating an account to maliciously target other users and/or businesses
Any form of activity that we deem is damaging to the community (at the moderators discretion, please contact us if you'd like to dispute something).

Have a problem with a rule or need to dispute something?

We're volunteers and just normal people, we can make mistakes too. If you feel something has been done to your review, account or information that's unjust, please contact us and we can talk about the situation.

Use the contact link at the bottom of the page to get in touch or visit us on the forums.