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Working with JuiceDB.com
A self help section for you to getting involved with JuiceDB.com and it's services.

Business Tools

JuiceDB Business Tools, our completely FREE self-service business interface, is the key to helping businesses maximize leads from the website. Business Tools has everything you need to:

Control your site presence
Offer discounts and coupon codes
Track performance of your brand, product, and deal pages
Manage your store’s inventory

The JuiceDB Business Tools interface is currently in an open beta release phase. All businesses are welcome to claim their businesses, but may come across unexpected issues we wouldn’t permit in a full release. Instructions on how to access Business Tools and claim your business are contained later in this document.

Advertising Opportunities

For more information on advertising opportunities, please email us at advertising@juicedb.com

Why get involved?

We know that providing self-service tools that allow businesses to extend their reach, streamline their operations, and reduce costs is valuable to businesses.

We believe that connecting those systems to JuiceDB’s existing community featureset and engagement, wealth of crowdsourced data, and sterling reputation as an objective resource provides a unique opportunity for businesses in a booming market.

Considering that JuiceDB Business Tools are completely free to use, why not get involved now and find out what JuiceDB can do for your business?

How it works

While we want every business to enjoy lifestyle-changing growth through JuiceDB, the community ultimately decides which businesses succeed. The next two sections, BASIC ACTIVITIES and ADVANCED ACTIVITIES describe actions you can take to improve your visibility on the site. Greater visibility results in increased page views on JuiceDB, more outbound links to your site, and ultimately an increase in revenue!

While you can skip ahead to those sections, perform all the activities, and probably be pretty successful. However, understanding JuiceDB’s basic mechanics can help you to get the most impact out of each activity and maybe even come up with new tactics of your own!

Site structure

The JuiceDB platform is powered by an engine specifically designed to illustrate relationships between the different "objects" submitted by the community. Juices, businesses, reviews, and deals are all examples of these objects.

The platform uses these objects to generate pages, statistics and search results. Every object also is used to create a unique page on JuiceDB containing "organic" and "curated" content. "Organic" content is dynamically generated by the platform based on it's relationships and "curated" content was explicitly crafted by an end user, business owner, or site administrator.

Site traffic

As you can imagine, having a page for every object results in tens of thousands of unique pages. Although the majority of our traffic is distributed throughout all of them, there are four pages in particular that share nearly HALF of our total pageviews, and are the pages you most want to appear on.

The chart below highlights these four pages and denotes the page’s relative:

VISIBILITY (how many page views)
ORGANIC INFLUENCE (how much of the page content is organic)
CURATED INFLUENCE (how much of the page content is curated)
Visibility Organic Influence Curated Influence
Discover Juices Very High High Low
Find Deals High Low High
Homepage Medium Medium Medium
Explore Businesses Medium High Low

There are two key takeaways for business owners from this table:

The DISCOVER JUICES page gives great visibility, but has a strong organic influence.
The FIND DEALS page has good visibility and has a strong curated influence.

You can’t control organic content, but you can control some curated content. If you use opportunities for curated content effectively, it can result in your brand and products appearing in organic content, which is the most valuable way to be presented to the community.

Site strategy

Anyone who’s posted a killer deal on JuiceDB knows that it can easily double or triple outbound traffic from the site over the following few days. But long-term success on JuiceDB is rarely achieved with a single deal, no matter how much of a discount you offer.

Instead, you want to use the curated content you generated (in the form of a deal, in this example) to drive appearance in organic content on the other three pages (especially DISCOVER JUICES). Though not a trivial objective, the mechanics are simple:

Positive reviews
Multiple active users
Concentrated timeframe

While our algorithms are intentionally somewhat obfuscated, the mechanics are simple; juices that received positive reviews from multiple active users in a seven day period will begin to appear in the prominent Popular Juices section of the homepage.

Appearing on the homepage will likely result in additional sales, and if you nurture the same relationship with THOSE customers that you did previously, they’re likely to leave their own positive reviews. This results in another appearance on the homepage and the cycle repeats. The more this occurs, the more likely you are to appear prominently in the thirty day and ninety day listings on the DISCOVER JUICES page.

Congratulations! If you’ve read this far, you know all you need to know about strategically using the JuiceDB platform to grow your business. The next two sections go into detail on the tactics you can use to get reviews and get noticed.

Next up: Basic Activities
Some basic activities you can perform to help increase awareness on JuiceDB.
Basic Activities