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Advanced Activities for improving your JuiceDB presence
Get even more involved with our community by signing up for our newsletters, joining our slack channel, using our site links and embedding our media.

Site communications

We’re not going to lie, communication with the businesses on our site is valuable for us. We want businesses to get involved and participate in our promotions, and we love hearing what businesses do and don’t like about our platform.

But we think staying in touch can be good for you too. If you’re participating in our promotions, you’re going to be more successful. If we improve our tools to make a better experience for you, you’re a happier Business Tools user.

Read on to find out how you can keep your finger on the pulse of JuiceDB.


We’re ramping up newsletter support for businesses, and we’d love to use them to keep you up-to-date on opportunities with JuiceDB. Don’t worry, we hate SPAM as much as you do, and we would never sell your email address or contact you more than you want.

You can sign up below, from the overview tab of your Business Tools, or the My Businesses section of your Account profile. Sign up for any or all of the following newsletters:

JUICEDB FOR BUSINESSES: A mailing list for general JuiceDB news regarding businesses and Business Tools. Subscribe to this newsletter to receive new feature announcements, sneak peeks into upcoming features, and for opportunities to test these new features before your competition.
JUICEDB GIVEAWAYS: A mailing list for sponsorship information on upcoming JuiceDB giveaways. Subscribe to this newsletter if you’re interested in the opportunities discussed later in the document.
JUICEDB ADVERTISING: A mailing list for advertising opportunities on/with JuiceDB. Subscribe to this newsletter if you’re interested in additional ways to gain visibility through JuiceDB.
Interested in updates from JuiceDB?

Our goal is to connect end users with the businesses you manage. If you'd like to receive regular updates on the newest features we offer, giveaway sponsorship opportunities or advertising opportunities, sign up using one of the buttons below.

Our #slack channel

We really want to hear your feedback and ideas for how to improve our platform. We use Slack, a chat and team collaboration tool, to break down the barriers between us and the businesses we support. We already have a number of businesses hanging out regularly with us in channel, and we’d love for you to join!

You can join our Slack channel here, and there’s also a link in the overview tab in Business Tools.

JuiceDB slack
Online presence

We’ve put a lot of work into JuiceDB in general, and Business Tools in specific. If you appreciate the free interfaces we provide, the best support you can provide is public support for our brand. While driving traffic to our page is the most valuable way you can support us, it’s also a great opportunity for you.

Not only are these great opportunities to drive reviews for your brand or products on JuiceDB, if the loyal supporters you introduce become active members of the community, their positive reviews carry even more weight!

Site Links

The SITE LINKS tab in Business Tools lets you generate site links to place on your website to drive your customers to your JuiceDB business profile, your juice detail page, or to generally show your support.

If you have a specific need for a site link style that we don’t currently provide, let us know at team@juicedb.com. It’s quite possible that other businesses have the same need, and we’d rather customize our site links ourselves than force you to do it.

Social Media

We love it when our partners give us a shout-out on social media. JuiceDB has a presence on Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Feel free to link to any of our social media hubs, and feel free to use the #juicedb hashtag wherever hashtags are supported.

Product orders

Every juice shipment to a customer is a review opportunity. Performing the actions below will improve the conversion to reviews of all your other activities.

Packing Slips

We’d like you to consider including a link to JuiceDB on the packing slips you send out with your order. The kind of customer who reads a packing slip is the kind of customer that’s likely to actually leave a review. Why leave an opportunities on the table?

Email follow-ups

Do you send email follow-ups to your customers? We find that asking for reviews at the time of order confirmation is intrusive and has low conversion. But sending a follow-up email at least a week later (add two to three days to account for shipping) to ask the customer about their order, is a great time to introduce them to JuiceDB.

By that point, happy customers have likely tried the juice(s) and can’t wait to tell the world about it, while you may discover an opportunity to resolve a dissatisfied customer’s issue. That’s a win-win-win!

We don’t currently have any assets specifically intended for email follow-ups, so let us know if you have a specific need by emailing us at team@juicedb.com. You may not be the only business with that need, and we’re happy to help make sure our brand is represented correctly.

Order Inserts

We’re working on materials for order inserts customized to your business that you can include in your orders to make your customers aware of the value of using JuiceDB.

Check back here or subscribe to the JuiceDB for Businesses newsletter to be made aware of opportunities like this one.

Site Promotions

There are a number of activities you can engage in with JuiceDB to drive visibility for your business. These are primarily opportunities to influence prominent curated content, with the goal of appearing prominently in organic content.

If you have an idea for promoting your site, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at team@juicedb.com. We’d love to hear your ideas, and may have ways to support them better than you could on your own. Further, we can help shape your promotion for maximum effectiveness.


Visibility on the Find Deals page is very high, as it’s one of the most heavily trafficked pages on the site, and the landing page for many of our visitors. Beyond being visible, this page’s audience is likely to be more engaged than elsewhere on the site, as users visiting this page are generally prepared to make a purchase.

This is even more true around the holidays, when our traffic spikes from occasional users who come back to the site to browse the avalanche of deals we serve. Posting a deal can benefit you throughout the year, but posting a great deal right before a holiday can have a massive impact on your business.

Don’t be afraid to encourage your users to vote on your deals from the FIND DEALS page. The default view, Hottest, orders deals by recency, influenced by votes. Your own loyal customers can help you to get noticed more, and quicker. Be aware that only logged in users can vote at all, and active users’ votes carry more weight.

You can post a deal from the coupons tab in Business Tools. You can enter all the details of the coupon, as well as schedule a start and end date in the future.


Occasionally, we host giveaways sponsored by our business partners. Businesses commit product, primarily juice, and then we handle all the logistics and promotion for the giveaway. All you have to do is fulfill the orders!

This is a FREE program we provide as a community service, but it’s an incredible way to get your juice in front of a fresh audience, who are more inclined to leave reviews on product because they originated on our reviews site. Not only will you get the cross-promotion opportunity from being associated with our giveaway, you’ll get goodwill from the community for your generosity.

You are not required to perform your own promotion for the giveaway, but the more eyes the better. Sign up for the JUICEDB GIVEAWAYS newsletter for information on upcoming giveaways you can participate in, and if you’re selected and interested in promoting the giveaway yourself, let us know!

Review samples

Generally, we rely on the community for reviews, but in the past, we have accepted samples from businesses and left reviews as a team. Our collective reviews have some impact on site presence, but primarily give businesses a kickstart on review counts on our site.

However, we’re a small team and can only commit to so many reviews. We’re planning to build out a community-based team of active reviewers for businesses to connect with, but aren’t quite at that stage yet.

If you’re interested in sending us samples to review, email us at team@juicedb.com and we’ll see if we can work something out.


JuiceDB currently has no direct advertising opportunities, but please sign up for the JUICEDB ADVERTISING newsletter if you’d be interested in placing ads for your products or brand on our site.

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