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Basic Activities for improving your JuiceDB presence
Establish your presence on JuiceDB by claiming your business, updating your business profile, keeping your products up to date and adding deals when available.

Claim your business

In order to use JuiceDB Business Tools, you must first claim your business. Doing so will allow you deep control of your site presence, and is necessary to view and adjust your business’ details.


There are two primary methods of claiming a business: claiming with a user account tied to an email address from your domain (Option A) and uploading a text file to your business’ webserver (Option B). If neither option is feasible, please email us at team@juicedb.com and we can work with you on a solution.

If you’re going to use Option A, you’ll want to consider whether you want to tie an existing user account (that’s associated with an email from your domain) to the business or a new account. There are pros and cons of each, but by its nature, your user account will be held to a higher standard of conduct when associated with a business, but provides a greater opportunity to support your brand through your user contributions.

We don’t allow users to change verified email addresses on their accounts, but if you would like to change the association, we’d be willing to consider doing so for your account manually. If your user account is not yet verified with an email address, you can do so here (also linked from the bottom left of your Account Profile).

Visit the Business Tools claim page to start the process.
Follow the instructions, identify your business, and claim.
You may return to Business Tools at any time from the My Businesses section of your Account Profile, from the new wrench icon at the top right of your business profile, or by direct link.
Update your business information

Your business profile is what a user sees when they explore your business on JuiceDB. As in life, making a good first impression is critical. So the very first thing you should do is update all the information about your business so that you control that first impression.

While most of the information on your business profile is controlled by the information tab in Business Tools, you should probably at least skim the others, as there’s other information you’ll want to update (like your brand’s logo from the LOGO tab).

Advertising Opportunities

For more information on advertising opportunities, please email us at advertising@juicedb.com

Submitting a deal

Any member of the community can submit a deal on behalf of an existing business using this form, and it will appear on our Find Deals page. However, all deals submitted this way are subject to moderator approval, which takes time.

JuiceDB Business Tools allows businesses to bypass this moderator approval, as well as schedule deals in advance. Claim your business today to enjoy these and a number of other useful benefits for businesses, including control of your brand and product pages, official responses to your reviews, and on-site analytics.

Don’t worry if you can’t find your business listed, you can add it here. Please be sure to follow our Business Code of Conduct.

Also, we’re a friendly bunch and we like to help businesses promote themselves through JuiceDB. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at team@juicedb.com if you run into any trouble.

Update your store's inventory

Be aware that JuiceDB does not currently use this information in generating content for users, and is currently only in a data collection phase. However, we have plans to make use of this data soon, likely in relation to deals. We recommend configuring your inventory now, as it’s certain to be of benefit when we start using the data.

The Store Inventory controls what juice your store sells, as well as the sizes you carry and the prices of them. This should not be confused with the BRAND'S JUICES, which tracks the juices your business makes. Each store's inventory can be a mix of products from your brand's products and other brand's products.

Official responses

Official responses are the best way to connect with the JuiceDB community. Even if you’re new to the community, there’s a good chance your business and products have already received reviews! You can gain some goodwill, and possibly an improved score, if you resolve critical reviews containing constructive feedback.

Business Tools users have the ability to add a highlighted comment to a review of their product or business that is always displayed immediately below the review for any member of the community to see. You can easily browse reviews from the reviews tab of the Business Tools and respond from the review itself or directly from the interface with the respond button.


Official responses are most effective when they follow these guidelines:

BE INFORMATIVE: The most helpful comments answer customer queries or clarify information about the subject (juice or business). Official Comments work best when they help multiple customers make informed buying decisions.
BE SPECIFIC: Your comment should be tailored to the review. It is more helpful to personalize the comment to the experience of the reviewer and answer specific concerns than to provide a boiler-plate response.
BE RESPECTFUL: Reviewers are entitled to their opinions about the product or business. An Official Comment should sincerely attempt to help the reviewer or other customers reading the review.

JuiceDB is pleased to provide this feature for you to share your knowledge and expertise as the creator or representative of the product or business. While we appreciate your time and comments, please do not post:

Comments that do not comply with our Code of Conduct.
Messages that insult the reviewer or other customers in any way. Do not question the reviewer’s veracity or motivation in writing the review.
Comments that impersonate another individual, manufacturer or business entity.
Boiler-plate responses on multiple reviews. It is more helpful to tailor the comment to each review.
Internet links obfuscated through a URL shortening or redirection service.

If you feel a review is inappropriate and does not conform to our guidelines, please contact us directly at team@juicedb.com, instead of posting an Official Response.

Next up: Advanced Activities
Some more advanced activities you can perform to help increase awareness on JuiceDB.
Advanced Activities