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Develop using the JuiceDB API
Build applications using the JuiceDB API.

JuiceDB API (Beta)

We believe by offering access to the JuiceDB Platform through various APIs that we can help build a stronger vaping community. 3rd party developers can integrate JuiceDB and it's data into their own applications making it easier for their users to find relevant information.

Currently the JuiceDB API is in a beta release. You can expect missing features, large updates, and the occasional crash.

Expect massive, sweeping changes.

This API is a very, very early release and it's likely things will change. We will do our best to communicate with all of the developers. Feel free to join our #developers slack channel for anything related to the API.

For more information on various important topics, read the following documents:

APIDocs - The most up to date information on our API endpoints and services.
Display Guidelines - The requirements and guidelines for using our data on your site.
Terms of Use - The terms of use that must be accepted before being issued an API key.
Making Requests

The JuiceDB API is available at:


Each request to the JuiceDB API must use an API Key sent in the request headers. You can request an API key from your account page and the key is bound to your user account. The header parameter to use is Authorization and the value must be as follows:

As with the entire system, it's likely that this method of authentication will change.


The JuiceDB API uses the HAL Specification as a basis for it's design. Requests will always return relevant API and website URLs with each embedded resource.