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Account Trust
Why does JuiceDB maintain a trust level, ask you to verify your account, and what type of privacy can I expect?

Why do we do this?

We go to great lengths to keep the community here on JuiceDB honest and open. We don't necessarily care who you are, we just want to make sure you're a unique individual. The Trust Level system has been put in place as mechanisms to fight those who attempt to manipulate the information here on JuiceDB.

What is a Trust Level?

Fitting of it's name, it's the level of trust you've systematically proven to the platform that powers JuiceDB. Performing different actions on the site increase your trust level. The higher your trust level, the more weight is put behind your actions on the website.

What different things does my Trust Level affect?

Currently the Trust Level is a very simple system. We felt it wasn't the right time to activate the system when no users are currently trusted! When you establish Trust Level 1, your reviews will gain more prominence in review lists and your account will no longer state you're an "Unverified User".

In the near future, we will be establishing various levels of trust requirements for different systems throughout JuiceDB.

What types of activity increase my Trust Level?

Right now the only way to increase your Trust Level is to associate your account with one of the following activities:

Associate your account with a valid email address.
Associate your account with a valid mobile phone number.
Associate your account with a reputable social media platform.

We only request enough information from these activities to verify your individuality, nothing more. On the Manage Identities page, you can see all of the relevant information that is (privately) stored about your account on JuiceDB. For sensitive information such as your mobile number, we also encrypt it using a similar (salt/hash) method to password storage.

Does JuiceDB use this information for anything?

Nothing at all. Currently the only thing any of this information is used for is to reset your password and to login to your account. Any other communications from JuiceDB will be part of a separate opt-in process. We don't believe in harassing you.

Where do I manage this information?

In your account there's a section called Manage Identities. Here's a quick link if you'd like to get started.