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Tags: banana, apple, strawberry

Banana, strawberry, and a hint of red apple combine with other slight fruit bases to bring you something fresh and flavorful. Finished with a smooth creamy base to round out the experience.

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65 reviews written by the JuiceDB community since this page was created 4 years ago.

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Manufacturers Description: “Banana, strawberry, and a hint of red apple combine with some other slight fruit bases to bring you something that is fresh and very flavorful. It is finished with a smooth creamy base to really round out the experience. We have spent countless hours in the lab trying to come up with that next great ADV we can bring you. The successor to our very popular Placid if you will.”

Vaping stats: 6mg strength, vaped on a Tugboat V2 (0.5 Ω dual parallel Clapton coil – 26 / 32ga kanthal A1 – Japanese cotton wick) @ 55w

Packaging: 6ml samples are plastic - 30ml bottles are glass - https://i.imgur.com/tb1vXmb.jpg

Review: Cascade is a great fruity flavour, blended well to create a full and rounded flavour that tics many boxes. An odd mixture initially, which I suspect is caused by that most disreputable of fruit flavours, the banana, but one that grew on me quickly. I enjoy those reviews where I get to sit down with one of the Adirondack flavours that is quite unique, and they have a couple let me tell you. Many might be put off immediately on reading banana in the description above, but I urge you to forego such fruity prejudice and check this stuff out.

Immediately on the inhale you get the gorgeous triumvirate of banana, strawberry and candy apple. The 3 flavours are really obvious, there was no hoing and huming to try to figure out what they were in this one. Very clear notes, but blended in levels to be complimenting. Well if the inhale is good, the exhale is tony-the-tiger level GGRRREEATTT. The banana, strawberry and apple are still there, wrestling the other flavours for superiority, a luxuriant cream is the referee, catching the odd wild swing, but still surviving the tussle admirably. A light hint of what might be pear (or more precisely whatever ester is used to flavour pear drops), lurks about, stealing the combatants shoes and generally being a miscreant, but fitting in just fine.

I spent part of my Sunday, with the blinds open, a fresh glass of iced water at Port, and my e-cig with cascade to Starboard, basking in sunshine and listening to fresh Jurassic 5 beats, feeling just great with the current affairs. Cascade captured that vibe perfectly, fresh and fruity, not overbearing, and a bit of sweet cream to dust it off. Lovely.

VG/ PG ratio: available in 60 / 40 and Max VG (this review is based on the Max VG juice)

Affordability: ~£0.42 per ml (at time of writing)

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marldaesu marldaesu
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33 Reviews
Joined 3 years ago
PG/VG, Nic 40/60, 3mg
Aged for 2 months
Value 4 /5
Flavor Accuracy 5 /5
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 2 /5

I remember first trying Cascade many months ago in my old nautilus mini and not caring for it because there was too much banana. However, I figured I would give it another go in my billow. I purchased a bottle and let it steep for about 2 months. Much much better than I remember it.

The inhale is a sweet , slightly candied banana, with subtle nuances of strawberry floating around. There is a creaminess to the inhale as well, although, it is quite mild. Even though candied banana isn't usually to my liking, the candy flavor here isn't overdone, it does not taste like I put a handful of banana runts in my mouth. The exhale starts off with the banana and strawberry combo, but apple quickly joins the group. There is hardly any tartness which normally accompanies apple flavors, there is a little bit, but it's hardly noticeable. It's a smooth and sweet apple flavor, maybe even slightly candied (not sure, as that could be coming from the banana). The cream shows up again mid exhale, all the way through to the end which rounds the experience off nicely. The cream is not heavy or milky, I would consider it to be more of a whipped cream, nice and light.

I can see why this is one of the more popular flavors from Adirondack. It certainly does not lack depth and is quite flavorful. I recommend it to banana lovers and banana haters alike.

Reviewed using: Billow v2 Nano, .4ohm dual coils, 45W

veroden veroden
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684 Reviews
Joined 3 years ago
Value 3 /5
Flavor Accuracy 3 /5

I found this to be one of the more overrated juices I've encountered. Not exactly "bad", but far from "great".

Super-sweet and almost irritatingly so, the banana flavor on the inhale drowns out all else around it, making this one a lot less refreshing than the description would lead one to believe. I found the lingering apple aftertaste to be a lot less refreshing than an actual apple - it reminds me a lot of that pear syrup we'd all eagerly slurp out of plastic cups of fruit cocktail back in grade school. Fruity, but synthetically-so, and vaping it removes it from the liquid medium that makes the fruit cocktail syrup somewhat enjoyable.

I bought my bottle from a B&M, so the caveat here is that it may well have been over-steeped. It has the yellow food coloring that Adirondack recently (as of 2016) phased out, so that may be a sign it spent a fair amount of time on the shelf. So, with that in mind, I remain open to the possibility that my experience was an aberration and not the norm - but the product description, emphasizing the "banana" and "cream" flavors, leads me to suspect otherwise. I'd happily try it again in the future (it certainly wasn't gnarly throat-ruining hot dog water), but I'm not exactly prepared to get my hopes up.

morgbelch7 morgbelch7
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Joined 3 years ago

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