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Prairie under ice. Axiom Icicles lends a refreshing crispness to the earthy complexity that is Prairie. This has been my ADV for over a year, and I've never gone more than a tank of another juice away (more...)

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Nic 6mg
Aged for 4 weeks
Value 4 /5
Flavor Accuracy 5 /5
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 2 /5

Fresh Review - This is the one that I was most interested in, because frankly, I couldn’t conceive of such a flavor profile. Prairie sounded like a strange combination to me, but adding strong menthol to it seemed like something that could really mess with this profile. I like menthol, but it really has to be just right. If it’s going to be strong, it needs to be crisp. Tobacco isn’t something I usually dig. I’ve found exception in Sagamore, but outside of that one I haven’t found one that I like. It was my opinion that either of those flavors could ruin a perfectly good banana/peanut butter juice. Curiosity got the best of me when I kept reading great reviews of it, so I knew this had to be one that I tried.

Straight away, you get a nice punch of menthol. It’s pretty strong, but it’s very crisp and clean tasting and doesn’t at all come off toothpastey. The banana is actually a bit hidden in this one. I wouldn’t say it’s completely gone, because I get a hint every once in a while, but for the most part I get a nice cool, crisp menthol on the inhale and a nice earthy tobacco underneath it. Again, it doesn’t come off like a pipe or cigar style tobacco, but a nice smooth, light tobacco that (for me) just adds complexity to it. The exhale is consistently cool and minty with the sweetness from the peanut butter popping at the start and simmering down to just a nice nutty flavor near the finish. I’m left with a slightly sweet and very minty taste in my mouth. I really didn’t think I was going to care for this at all, but it has really surprised me. Not only do I like this juice, it’s likely to take a spot in my Top 5, and will almost definitely be a reorder. We’ll see how it does after some age (if the bottle lasts that long).

Aged Review - Like Prairie, this juice really didn’t change a lot with time. Still deliciously minty on the inhale with hints of banana. A sweet, nutty exhale that cools the mouth and leaves a nice, sweet minty taste lingering. I really can’t state well enough how much this juice surprises me every time I drip it. It’s a strange phenomenon where I start wanting that crisp burst from the icicles when I vape on something else. I’m not even a menthol guy, but this juice really hits the spot for me, and has definitely found a home in my Top 5 favorite juices of the moment.

Update: I originally scored this juice a 4.75. I have come back and adjusted the score to a 5. This juice is my ADV, and helped me tremendously in the battle to quit smoking. I can't recommend it highly enough.

djbrujah djbrujah
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[100Watt MOD (UWell Crown Tank .27 Coil Vaping at 80Watts) 3mg Max VG]

Do yourself a favor and buy this juice!!!!! It's fucking delicious!!! I can literally vape this all day long and I won't get tired of it! It's the perfect amount of creamy, sweet, and menthol. When you inhale you're gonna taste and feel the menthol, and as you exhale you're gonna taste peanut butter, banana, and tobacco. It's such a rich taste! It doesn't leave you with a bad after taste at all. You won't be disappointed with this flavor!

pappasooof pappasooof
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Described as peanut butter, banana, tobacco, and magic (Prairie) with Icicles by Axiom added. Sounds super yummy, right? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. I did not purchase this based on the description, I purchased this based on a recommendation. I don’t know what ‘magic’ is, but it works. This is an incredibly satisfying flavor! The peanut butter flavor reminds me of a Chick-O-Stick (without the coconut) rather than sticking my face in a JIF jar. Good, but not overpowering. I didn’t catch much banana or tobacco in it, but it truly does have an earthy/hearty flavor. Icicles might be the best mint vape I’ve experienced. It does not have a clinical/industrial flavor at all – more mint, less menthol. Icicles also provides an interesting cooling effect similar to drawing in a breath in sub-freezing weather. In my TFV4 w/ quad coil at 115W this was still a “cool” vape and adds a very refreshing quality. Overall I liked Tundra (now renamed to Snowdrift) very much. It probably isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly worth a try. I don’t think I could vape this day in/day out for months…but I do find myself having cravings for it.

formulazr formulazr
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