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Tags: spearmint, menthol, spearmint-menthol

Our attempt to redefine cold. Our friend Matt requested this one. Still getting his taste buds back after 30+ years of smoking, everything on the market he tried had no taste for him and he loves mint (more...)

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PG/VG, Nic 17/83, 3mg
Aged for 2 weeks
Value 4 /5
Flavor Accuracy 5 /5
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 2 /5

Elixir M was created for a specific purpose, to deliver the exotic taste of Wendigo's tears to mortals. Or at least to one mortal. Named Matt. Thankfully Matt likes to share.

This stuff is quite cold. Too much? Well that my friend will depend entirely up to you. As for me, I consider myself to have a high tolerance for menthol and so this is right up my alley. The first vape from a filled RDA is pretty eye-opening. Not many vendors dare to tread this far north into the Arctic wastelands.

It's nowhere near the intensity of Axiom Icicles, but then again what is. This was designed to be able to vape and enjoy as is, but if you are sensitive to cooling / menthol you should stay away. (Then again not sure why you would purchase this if you fall under that category to begin with)

For me, it's just right. It definitely ranks up there with the coolest e-liquids I have tried, but at the same time it doesn't burn your throat nor leave you regretting the purchase, it's actually the opposite. This stuff is surprisingly smooth and incredibly enjoyable. I've almost vaped the full 30ml without changing flavors, which is rare for me. What you mostly get here is a nice cool and clean experience, with an underlying tone of spearmint. Spearmint can be overpowering, and here it exists more as a background note. Your mouth isn't left with a heavy toothpaste or breath mint feel, it's more subtle and clean than that. I like it.

After you get through that first tank you do adjust to it, and the cooling while still significant, is very nice and satisfying. If you are into menthol vapes I'd highly recommend this one. It delivers what it promises and it is done very well. No crystallizing of menthol in the bottle either, which is always a plus.

Matt - you made us all proud, thank you.

Reviewed using: Therion DNA 75, Velocity RDA, Dual Coil SS 316L @ .44Ω, 400F / 70W

wump wump
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PG/VG, Nic 17/83, 1mg
Aged for 1 week

Apothecary Elixir created this juice originally as a flavor that a friend of theirs, Matt, could enjoy. Matt smoked for 40 years and still is suffering from a loss of taste. That being said, while the flavor profile was built for such a person, it doesn't leave those of us who can taste with a overblown concoction. Elixir M is listed as Spearmint, Menthol and Ice and boy does it deliver! Now I have tried many a juice and spearmint can go wrong of so easy it seems. Most of the spearmint flavored liquids can get an almost chalky flavor, but M stays true with a pure spearmint flavor that holds its own against the freezing winds it rides in upon.

The inhale is a cool breeze that ramps up to a cold wind with spearmint forming in on the end. During the resting phase the spearmint gains just a hint of sweetness while things stay chilly. With the exhale there is more winter winds and spearmint. After finished, normal breathing gives an icy sensation in the top of my throat as if I am breathing with an ice cube resting in that location. The balance between the spearmint and the cooling is excellent as neither out does the other.

Wattage wise this mix is very versatile. The flavor balance holds true through lower and higher wattages in my testing. It wasn't until I started going to 100 on my setup that the heat started to destroy parts of the spearmint profile. Generally I do not do menthol except when I am drinking and I think this might just be my All Drunk Vape.

Reviewed using: IPV3Li with Aromamizer RDTA triple twisted, dual coils @ .3 ohms and a Velocity clone with triple twisted, dual coils @ .3 ohms

p00pb0t p00pb0t
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Cold....cold...cold. If you like a pretty darn cold ejuice then this one will be right up your alley. I love cold juices and i guess i wasnt expecting the amount of cold this one produces, so my first pull knocked me back a bit. When I opened the bottle it reminded me of spearmint gum, i completely forgot the description said it was cold.

Anyway, the inhale is an icy cold blast that hits the back of your throat and leaves it feeling cool for quite a while. On the exhale the spearmint comes out, its quite authentic and has a touch of sweetness to it that really rounds everything out nicely. After a few pulls i must have adjusted to the coldness because it dissipated just enough to really let me taste the spearmint flavor.

Seriously, if you want something really cold, but still has a great flavor, try this one out.

veroden veroden
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