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Tags: tempura, ice-cream, black-tea

Fruit-infused black tea ice cream fried in a delicate tempura batter 75% VG / 25% PG

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Aged for 3 weeks
Flavor Accuracy 5 /5

I have been wanting to review this flavor for a while, but am having a hard time adding to what has already been said by the other reviewers. This is such a different, delicious and surprising juice. I ordered it not knowing quite what to expect other than the quality I know and love from Kite and Cloud. It's also my first venture into tea flavors. On the inhale I get a wonderful, dark berries and black tea taste which quickly turns into this creamy, sweet concoction that would have to be the cream and tempura batter. I'm also getting a bit of a savory vibe while vaping this which is probably the tea. Now I should add that I'm a bit of a tea snob. I love tea, and drink it all day and this is a very good black tea rendition. It's all blended really well and the flavors are spot on. Like I said, I knew the juice would be good as Kite in Cloud does not make bad juice. What I didn't know or expect was that this flavor would become something I enjoy vaping all day without getting tired of. I've already ordered a larger bottle and is right up there with my beloved Lenola Cream and seriously, what an awesome name! How did they come up with Yellow Noise Maker?

Reviewed using: Tobeco Super Tank Mini, .2ohm coil, around 60 watts.

sma731 sma731
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This one gets points just for being unique. Tea, ice cream, tempura and berries? How odd, but so good.

The initial inhale i get the berry flavor. It's slightly sweet and a bit dark. I get strawberries and I think some blackberry as well. There is most likely a mix of more than those 2 berries, though. The exhale had a background of a light fried batter, which of course is the tempura batter. It's really quite interesting, it's not like a funnel cake or beignet or donut dough, it's savory. There is a creaminess to it as well, but it doesn't overpower the batter. The black tea comes in right at the end for me. The first few pulls it was middle ground strong, but the longer I avoe it the more it mixes with the creaminess and becomes more mild. The sweetness from the berries makes another appearance and lingers on my tongue. It's fantastic.

This is one of the most unique flavor profiles that I have had the pleasure of trying and it absolutely did not disappoint. Just a fantastically mixed juice that is sure to please.

veroden veroden
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Nic 3mg
Aged for 1 month
Value 5 /5
Flavor Accuracy 5 /5
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 2 /5

I’m finding these flavors hard to rate. I guess it’s to be expected given their originality. Yellow noise maker is one that intrigued me and I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. Even more odd is how much this seems to have changed over the past several days of vaping it. It might just be the coils becoming more seasoned, but the more I vape it the better it seems to get. The description is “Fruit-infused black tea ice cream fried in a delicate tempura batter”.

When I first dove into this bottle it was mostly a berry compote flavor up front. Very naturally flavored and tart but with a little more sweetness like you’d expect out of a compote. After that I got some dry batter flavor in the middle and a subtle touch of tea at the end. Now I still get the nice compote flavor up front. Possibly a mix of strawberry and blueberry, but definitely strawberry. In the middle the black tea has taken over in a most excellent way. Light touches of batter can be noticed but the crisp earthy tea leaf flavor has made it’s presence known and doesn’t seem to go away. The aftertaste it leaves is a subtle sweetness from the berries and just the perfect crisp bite of black tea. I keep liking my lips wanting it to stay. The feel is of a fresh made dessert at a good restaurant. Very full of flavors that sort swirl about teasing the tastes buds as they bounce between sweet, creamy, and earthy.

I’m a fan of KiC and these flavors so far are really damn good. I can’t decide how much I like this one. It’s very good. I didn’t like it as much at first but either the juice has subtly changed or my taste buds have. Either way it just keeps getting better, especially once the black tea started coming out more. This is top notch stuff.

sc0lm00 sc0lm00
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