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Tags: strawberry, pie-crust, cream

One Lenola Cream please! 86 all of that banana nonsense, and throw some strawberries in. 70% VG / 30% PG

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I do love the uniqueness of Lenola Cream. And when I heard they did it with strawberry...My goodness how could someone pass that up?? Oh, I did. Darn. Luckily I have an amazing friend whol sent me some and I am extremely grateful to them.

If you like LC, and if you like strawberry then this is a match made in heaven. The inhale is that amazing Lenola Cream base...No banana. It was hard reviewing LC because there are so many layers​ of flavors that I find it hard to pinpoint any singular one. I do get a nice pie crust, the cream is amazing and some other nuances that just make this an amazing piece of art...So to speak. The exhale brings a nice, ripe strawberry to the party and it rocks it. Brings it to a whole new level. It's not sickeningly sweet, like some can be. It's a good amount of deliciousness.

I do like this better than the original, but I lean more towards strawberries anyway.

Try it.

veroden veroden
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Partenza is part of the Lenola Cream Deconstructed line that Kite and Cloud very recently released in small doses. I’m a big fan of strawberry flavors and Lenola Cream so after having been teased with new flavors for quite some time I had to jump on this pretty quick.

Kite in Cloud knocked this one out the park. The caveat being this is very much Lenola Cream so if that’s not your thing, somehow, then this might not be for you either. For me though, it’s top notch stuff. I won’t go into as much detail as my original LC review so look up that if you have no idea what Lenola Cream is. This is LC sans the banana. Which works incredibly well. So well I don’t even miss or think about the banana being gone. Instead of banana, KiC amped up the strawberry as the dominant flavor. It’s an excellent natural strawberry. Just the right balance of tart and sweet with a juicy feel. It mellows over time and allows the background flavors to come out more. Which after sampling a quince flavor, I am pretty positive this has a quince element to it. The uniqueness of LC’s flavor is unparallelled and mimics the quince flavor quite well. With LC I noticed a touch of floral to it. Almost like a drop of rose water or something similarly lightly floral and fragrant. I don’t notice that as much with Partenza so that might be good news for those few who didn’t like that LC element.

Regardless, this is a fantastic flavor and easily up there with some of the best strawberry flavors I’ve tried. My love of strawberry makes me want to love this more than LC but I do kind of miss that mellow complexity of LC and slight floral kiss of flavor on the exhale. Regardless, KiC needs to keep this on stock because I imagine it will be very popular.

Reviewed using: Royal Hunter, RX200S

sc0lm00 sc0lm00
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Partenza is part of the Kite in Cloud's Lenola Deconstructed line that includes flavors with different takes on the super hyped Lenola Cream (which I haven't yet tried, but review forthcoming). Partenza is Lenola Cream, sans the bananas and replaced with strawberries. I was very excited for this flavor, because I'm always looking for a unique take on strawberry flavors that aren't just simply the overdone strawberries and cream that every vendor seems to have.

Anyway, the flavor upfront is definitely the strawberry. The strawberry is natural, sweet, and has a juicy texture to it. There are definitely some other fruit elements and noticed some other people mention quince, but I wasn't sure if I've ever had quince before so I looked it up and apparently many people compare it to a cross between a pear and apple. So I gave Partenza another vape and sure enough that's sort-of what I'm getting. The hazelnut and pie crust add a bakery element to it that I really enjoyed. There's also some delicious cream that rounds out the vape nicely with an additional kick of sweet and smoothness. The balance of sweet fruitiness, bakery elements, and creaminess make for a fantastic vape that fits very well with my favorite profiles (creamy bakery, creamy fruits).

Partenza is definitely something special in my opinion and I can't wait to give the other two flavors I bought from KiC.

Reviewed using: Lost Vape Therion DNA75 + Augvape Merlin, 26/32g clapton, ~.55ohm, ~440F

kungfoogorilla kungfoogorilla
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