WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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GSV's special Halloween release! Hex is a replication of the sour watermelon gummies that everybody knows and loves, we really put a lot of R&D into replicating the flavor with precision. Beautiful (more...)

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PG/VG, Nic 30/70, 3mg
Aged for 4 weeks
Value 4 /5
Flavor Accuracy 5 /5
Cloud Production 5 /5
Throat Hit 2 /5

_OVERVIEW I ordered Hex from Golden State Vapor during their flavor release deal. After a bit of a shipping delay due to the volume of orders, I received the juice today. Since this liquid is pre-steeped (30 days), I popped in a fresh atomizer head and got to vaping right away.

HOLY VAPES. This juice tastes and smells FANTASTIC. I had high hopes for this juice after trying GSV's Brûlée and Bananas Foster (also amazing flavors.. if you haven't tried them you should. TREAT YO SELF). Described by Golden State as "a replication of the sour watermelon gummies everybody knows and loves", this juice provides a delicious sweet and sour vape. I can't say I know what sour watermelon gummies they're referring to in their description, but I can certainly taste the gummy bear flavor in it (I know because the day this arrived, a 5 lb bag of gummy bears also arrived.. long story.. totally unrelated to the purchase of this juice). Anyway, let's get into it..

_THROAT HIT Relatively low. There is not much bite at the end of this juice which is unsurprising because it's a sweet/sour candy vape. Extremely smooth, but if you're looking for a big throat hit, this isn't the juice for you. And you can't really take the easy way out and add menthol because the combination of mint and sour wouldn't taste very good... I imagine it tasting like orange juice does after brushing your teeth.. but I guess I could be wrong.

_FLAVOR ACCURACY As I said before, I'm not sure what watermelon gummies they're referring to, so I can't speak to the accuracy of the flavor they were trying to replicate, but it's tastes just like a gummy bear, so I'll rate this section highly.

_VALUE My only qualm is that the juice is a bit expensive without a discount code and isn't realistically an every day vape because of that fact FOR ME. I won't put the price here in case they change it in the future, BUT, if you have a little extra coin lying around for a bit of a splurge, or you happen to catch a coupon code, it's worth a try.

_CLOUD PRODUCTION Great cloud production from this 70VG/30PG ratio juice. Produces large, milky clouds.

_CONCLUSION Golden State Vapor has done it again. If you're looking for a sweet candy vape with a lot of character and a GREAT fragrance, this juice is for you. Looks like it's a seasonal flavor, so if you want to try it you should probably hurry! I know I'll be buying another bottle once this one is gone.

Reviewed using: iPVD3 80W Mod @ 35.2W, Kanger Protank4 w/0.5Ω SSOCC atomizer

toad toad
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Nic 3mg
Aged for 2 months
Value 3 /5
Flavor Accuracy 2 /5
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 3 /5

I fell for the hype of this juice and ordered 120ml during a sale. I really really love watermelon, especially SOUR watermelon flavors in general, and when I got it I was really excited to try it. At first it only tasted "sweet" to me so I figured I needed to let it steep. 2 weeks later it still tasted just sweet but with a little harshness that's hard to describe. Now 1 1/2 months later I get a hint that it might be watermelon but it also comes with a really harsh inhale that I just don't like. It's not terrible but now I have a huge bottle of it that I will probably never finish. Maybe I got a bad batch- I don't know. The price isn't worth it to me, especially something considered "premium"

Reviewed using: Snowwolf VFeng with CSMNT RDA @ 80 watts

nichinom nichinom
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Nic 1mg
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 1 /5

Tasty watermelon candy with just a hint of sour. I'm all about sweet vapes and this one really hits the spot for me. At 1.5 nicotine there is no throat hit and excellent vapor production. I look forward to trying more of their line in the future.

Reviewed using: KBOX 200 with Kaos RDA running at .2

mspoltergeist mspoltergeist
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