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Elixir 00 MelonBerry Cream is a delicious blend of Honeydew, Cantaloupe, and mixed berries in a blend of delicious sweet creams.

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Nic 3mg
Aged for 1 week
Value 5 /5
Flavor Accuracy 5 /5
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 2 /5

I’ve been teased with the development of this flavor for some time. I have a strong fondness for Dewberry Cream from Kilo and the owner of Apothecary does as well. So he set out to make something similar and just as good if not better. I’ve always gravitated towards melon flavors because they’re not too sweet but still have a strong fruity punch of flavor that’s enjoyable regardless of the time of year.

Elixir 00 is a complex flavor that’s good about hiding its intricacies. At face value it’s a good melon flavor. The sweet signature honeydew flavor I love with a backing of cantaloupe. The right start to melon flavor. None of that primary-watermelon-flavor nonsense. The middle and the end are when some of the complexities can be sometimes detected. Every so often I get a middle taste of pear but other times pineapple. Sometimes both but very subtle and right when I stop inhaling. I’m almost sure there is pineapple because I get a slight dryness right before the exhale that I commonly get with pineapple flavoring (this is a personal reaction/thing and not something I think everyone experiences). There is some other fruitiness going on but the main star is the melon. On the exhale the cream makes itself more known yet remains fairly subtle. The flavor never steers away from being fruit focused. The cream just leaves a nice rich finish and mouth feel.

Overall, it’s a solid melon flavor which in my experience is quite hard to come by. Is it as good as Dewberry Cream? It’s close but different. Both have their pros and cons. I’d put them pretty closely matched, probably even same ballpark. Regardless if you want a solid melon flavor, especially one not watermelon focused, this is worth a shot and probably my favorite flavor in Apothecary’s lineup.

Reviewed using: Royal Hunter 26g dual coils, Wasp Nano .3Ω fused clapton single coil

sc0lm00 sc0lm00
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PG/VG, Nic 30/70, 3mg
Aged for 3 weeks
Value 4 /5
Flavor Accuracy 4 /5
Cloud Production 3 /5
Throat Hit 1 /5

I'll back up what the other reviewers have said here - this is a pretty delicious blend. Right up front you get the nice honeydew flavor which is so pleasant, followed up by a soft creaminess that merges in, and finally a sweeter citrus like flavor on the exhale. I do agree that it seems like pineapple or cactus with cantaloupe, it adds a nice sweet fruity kick to the mix.

The berries here are almost impossible for me to detect, if I had to guess it would be a slight bit of strawberry but if it's a darker berry it's masked almost completely for me.

If you are looking for a good melon cream, this one hits all the right notes. If you are looking for more berry, I think you'll be left wanting. That said, it's a fantastic blend and does have subtle complexities to it. The intensity here is a 5 or 6 out of 10, nice and flavorful. For me personally I wish this had a bit more thickness / body to it, but it tastes wonderful so it's nitpicking.

The sweetness at the end is a great touch and mixes with the honeydew and cream well. Definitely one of the better flavors in the Apothecary line up.

Reviewed using: Lost Vape Triade DNA250 TC Box Mod, Dead Rabbit RDA, Dual 316L Claptons @.3Ω, 88W

wump wump
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PG/VG, Nic 17/83, 6mg
Aged for 1 week
Value 3 /5
Flavor Accuracy 3 /5
Cloud Production 3 /5
Throat Hit 3 /5

Finally got around to revisiting this juice on my RDTA and dedicated RTA, so I'm rescinding my previous review. It is actually quite tasty and nuanced on a larger rebuildable setup with a thick wick, but I guess it just doesn't show up like it's meant to on small decks or stock coils. This is actually pretty delicious. Rich vanilla cream and honeydew - with a hint of cactus fruit and pure citrus - on the inhale, complemented by light mixed berry notes and cantaloupe that rear their heads during the exhale. Very nice juice. Would order again, but only for use with flavor-chasing setups.

Reviewed using: Sigelei J150 Plus @ 53 Watts w/Serpent SMM + 0.28 Clapton Kanthal Build & Innokin MVP4 @ 48 Watts w/Serpent RDTA + 0.39 Twisted Clapton Kanthal Build

sumacaardvark sumacaardvark
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