Unlike so many companies who advertise 'special' flavors and then deliver the same generic stuff, Good Life Vapor lives up to their claims of exotic and delicious flavors. The site is easy to navigate and the descriptions, while sometimes mysterious and a little complex, are dead-on and do a great job of describing the mysterious, complex flavors you actually get. Shipping was fast and an e-mail linked me to a USPS tracking page, what more could you want? But in the end, what sets Good Life Vapor apart for me is the overall flavor of the vapes themselves. Obviously I'll review the samples I got individually, but it's rare where I can say that I loved them all and any of them could easily become my ADV. Delicious out of the box, I'm told that letting these bad boys steep just brings out the complexity of the flavors exponentially, so I can't wait. I'm one of those idiots for whom flavor is so important, my ADV for the last several years has been a flavor that can (and does) eat through plastic. I've been trying so hard to get off that flavor (hint: hot cinnamon), and I've finally found a company that can provide the flavor intensity I crave, without that scary factor. You won't regret a sampler, and I almost guarantee you'll be back on their site ordering bigger bottles.

One final note: I was at first literally upset that I couldn't choose my own VG/PG combo. How dare anybody think they know better than my own taste buds and throat do! But once again, I am completely surprised. They nailed vapor and throat hit perfectly with each bottle. It took a leap of faith, but they have my full trust now.

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