WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

After placing my first order with these guys, I decided to give some more flavors a shot which I will review at a later date (ordered Mochaccino, Blueberry Cheesecake, Orange Spice).

I had placed my second order from Signature but the delivery was taking longer than normal, so I emailed the vendor inquiring about the purchase (USPS lost my shipment) they contacted me back saying they will ship off the same exact order and throw in another bottle of my choice for the inconvenience, this surprised me and I was happy that a company would go to those lengths for a customer.

Their bottles are sturdy, classy, it shows the ingredients, warnings, strength and name of the flavor is visible.

Fantastic website. No ads, easy to navigate, isn't cluttered with product, hit Shop on the nav bar and enjoy! They have a store locator, phone number to call is listed, online chat and a contact page, was very easy to get in contact with them.

The only downside I see is on their 15 ml bottles they do not have child resistant caps as I have children, I have inquired about that and they said their 15ml bottles do not have the caps I prefer yet, but they will have the child resistant caps soon, however I was told their 30 ml bottles do and their soon to be 5ml sample packs have the child resistant caps. Hopefully soon their 15ml bottle will have them, as occasionally if the juice gets around the threading the cap doesn't stay on as well as it should.

Overall... I have had nothing but an amazing experience with Signature Smoke Juice.

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