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Ok, so I put off giving this review, but I am starting to get at the end of my rope honestly. I have a budget for vape gear and juice that I have to live by every month. At the beginning of the month (8/4/2014) I placed an order based off the juice reviews on this site. I ordered enough juice to last me for the whole month. on 8/8/2014 I ran out of juice, there was no word from this company of my juice shipping, so I went to the local B&M and paid for a bottle of juice to get me through until my order came in. It is now 8/20/2014...still no word if my order has shipped. I have repeatedly had to go to the local shop and overpay for sub par juice, and now today, I got enough money in my budget to buy one more bottle. If my order doesnt come in soon, then thats it...I got nothin. I have contacted these guys on facebook, only to be told that my order will ship when it ships, and that they will send me notification when it does. I have sent them a message on their website, asking for an ETA, with no response. I checked the facebook, when another gentleman, with an order number just a few numbers away from me asked when his juice would ship, they told him it would be Monday. Well Monday has come and gone, and I dunno if that guys got his shipping notification, but I never got mine. They did send a message on facebook saying that the next order would be 35% off, but unless this juice is the best stuff ever, there wont be a next order. IF I ever get my juice, I will review them based solely on the juice quality alone, but waiting this long to get an order shipped, is just completely unacceptable.

Finally got the juice, but there was something wrong with it. I contacted them and they offered to send me a replacement order. This was 3 weeks ago, and now I am getting the runaround and a million excuses for why it hasnt shipped yet. I'm done with these guys...BUYER BEWARE.

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