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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
PoH is a collaborative effort between the 4 bearded dudes from the Plumes of Hazard and the mixologists over at Music City Vape Sauce. 4 unique flavors (even from each other) that reflect each memb...

I recommend dripping these flavors to get the full effect of the flavors

Abolish Mint: Açai, peppermint and dark berries. When I first cracked this juice open and dripped it, it was definitely mint dominate. I have personally never had açai before, but it mixes well with the mint! The inhale I get the mint and little berry taste and on the exhale the what I'm assuming is the açai with flavor with the dark berries. Its also has a very light throat hit.

Foo's Gold: Peanut butter oatmeal cookie with moist pipe tobacco. On the inhale you get the oatmeal cookie and some tobacco flavor. On the exhale you get the peanut butter and that tobacco flavor. As you vape it you can taste spices such as hazelnut. The tobacco is not dominate, but you definitely taste it. I'm not a tobacco fan, but it is a perfectly mixed juice. It also has a light throat hit.

Mast Tea: Black berry sweet tea. This juice tastes exactly like it says. This is one of my favorite tea vape ever. Its sweet but not super sweet. I get the blackberry taste more dominate in the exhale. If you are dripping this juice (which I highly recommend) the tea flavor changes and best bet your cotton is on the dry side. Also a light throat hit

Way Up Here: Mango peach and other orange fruits. This is the BEST MANGO JUICE I HAVE EVER TRIED! This juice is very mango dominate. The peach in this juice isn't super sweet its like a white peach. I also get a apricot flavor on the inhale. Its not a over powering sweet juice either and has a light throat hit!

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