WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Tags: menthol, watermelon, candy

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Nic 6mg
Value 3 /5
Flavor Accuracy 3 /5
Cloud Production 4 /5
Throat Hit 3 /5

Seven Seas is a nice blend of fruit flavors. They are mixed together so well that I can't pick many fruits out of the bunch. I do, however, get a noticeable watermelon flavor. The inhale is where I get the watermelon and at the start of the exhale as well. Grape shows up for me, mid exhale.

I actually quite enjoyed this flavor, it says there is menthol, but I honestly don't get any. It must be extremely light as I don't even get a cooling effect. So, even if you are not a menthol fan you should try this one out.

Reviewed using: Billow v2 Nano, .4ohm dual coils, 45W

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