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Tags: pear, lemon, honeysuckle

Bee's Brew is a succulent blend of honeysuckle and pear along with hints of lemon.


I'm pretty sure this juice is brand-spanking new, because I didn't see it when I placed my order a few days ago but I received a free sample with the order. Now it looks like i'm going to have to place ANOTHER order, because I really liked the sample and I need more of it.

Now normally I'm not a big lemon guy. I like lemonade, but that's about as far as it goes. Most lemon flavored things are just not for me. Now, being slightly contradictory, the lemon is the foremost thing I taste in this juice. But it's not an in-your-face kind of lemon flavor. The pear flavor is definitely present in the exhale, and goes together very nicely. I'm not so sure on the honeysuckle flavor, because I haven't tasted honeysuckle in probably twenty years.

The juice on the whole is very light and crisp, and is, in my opinion, the definition of an all day vape. That's a term a lot of people throw around on pretty much any flavor on this site, but I don't think it's always accurate. This juice is not overpowering in any way. If you're looking for something to blow your hair back, you've got the wrong juice.

I also have to note that because I only got a sample flavor and didn't let it steep at all, the flavors may obviously change over time. Unfortunately I vaped the whole bottle within a few hours of receiving it.

CDV, you've done it again.

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