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Tags: banana, hazelnut, cookie

A natural sweet banana is predominant throughout this juice, followed up with a hazelnut-caramel cookie finish. 10 flavors were combined to make this much more than just a simple cookie.

The description is accurate for Fog of War. Don't let the banana scare you away, I'm not a huge fan of banana as they are usually candied, but the banana in this one tastes natural and really is delicious.

The natural banana flavor here is throughout the inhale and exhale. The flavor almost lends a creaminess to this juice, similar to how a real banana is a bit creamy. The exhale brings in the hazelnut and cookie. The hazelnut isn't very strong, but there is a nice nuttiness to the juice. The cookie flavor is in the exhale is well. It kind of reminds me of a sugar cookie mixed with an oatmeal cookie. I may have liked a bit more of the hazelnut flavor here, but still, it's all mixed very well. The cookie flavor isn't as pronounced as I would have thought, but you can definitely tell it's a cookie flavor, just not a user strong bakery note.

This is such a unique and well mixed juice, it's worth a purchase in my opinion, especially if you enjoy a good banana.

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