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I've only been vaping for a couple months now at the time of this review. Which is my first so bear with me. Shipping came quick though getting it boxed and ready took a couple days longer than expected. It was during a huge 4th of july sale, which was really nice and initially what caught my eye for the vendor. I have bought from several vendors and I'd have to say this is the best experience I've had so far.

I bought 5 of their smallest bottles to try them out. Though now I'm regretting not taking advantage of that mystery box fourth of awesome special they had lol. The packaging for the bottles was in a nice sturdy cardboard box, compared to the parcels that I've gotten from other vendors. Boy oh boy, the biggest impact here was the smell. The second I cracked that box open it was like flavor heaven from the smell alone. Which I know you can't base a juice review off of, but I haven't had that kind of experience from purchasing similar quantities from other vendors.

The greatest and best surprise though is those guys read my friggin mind and somehow knew that I was torn between getting the abomination and their brasberry mint. Which I was sorta on the fence about, until I found juicedb a couple days after I ordered and seen brasberry was a bit more well rated. Anyway, I purchased abomination and had a bit of buyers remorse. What can ya do though right, no big deal. Those awesome people at db liquids read my damn mind lol. Those guys gave this sucker a free bottle of brasberry for the serendipity of it lol. I had to triple check to see If I just said "screw it" and ordered both. So that was by far the nicest and best surprise a juice company has ever given me and probably ever will.

So, sorry for this long ass review. I'm just really thankful and will definitely be a returning customer and I hope more people give this great juice company a try. All the juices I've tried are really good with those extra shots of flavor and I really like how they use the plastic bottles for a cheaper price. They still spruce them up with cool logos and designs which look good being displayed. I like so many things about this company. I really can't think of anything that's bad, besides the fact that their flavor selection isn't absolutely gigantic like some vendors. It really seems like they have a taste for everyone though and anyone reading this that hasn't really should give this vendor a chance and see what I'm typing about.

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