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Tags: mango, guava, tropical

The hallmark sweetness of this tropical favorite satisfies the most discerning palates. Crafted from the finest natural ingredients and rendered to exacting standards.

Like the other Okami liquids, this smells amazing. Almost perfect. Smoking it at work having it open made my coworker just say "wow it smells like mangoes from Thailand in here". It smells that good. I bought this as a set with the Lychee Lauren and I thought I would like that more but this is great.

The good: 1. The flavors are perfect. Lot of mango, lot of guava, all spiking during the exchange. If those are flavors you like, you'll love this. More on the guava side in terms of flavor, but delicious

  1. Strong throat hit. Where as the other Okami liquids are more subtle, this felt like a good cigarette like hit. Kind of had to adjust bit inhaling too quickly, but the sweetness and intensity you get is fantastic

  2. Lots of smoke. On the high end in terms smoke production

The bad : At higher temperatures, a little bit of irritation in the throat. Almost like a spiced feeling

Overall: Great. Definitely recommend, and my current daily regular smoke

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