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Tags: peach, peach-cobbler, cinnamon

Flavor: Peach Crumble Oh the Classic Countach - as close to heaven as you can get! We think that the "Countach Crumble" Vape Juice is a close second! It's a dessert so good it deserves its own poster (more...)

Update 12/20/17, I have now started vaping above 40W and I will vape Countach Crumble in any of the SMOK TFVX series tanks, especially the Big Baby TFV8. I personally prefer the T6 coils, IMO they are the perfect balance of flavor and clouds. I'm more of a flavor chaser bc after 20+ yrs of smoking, I'm glad that Countach Crumble is one of the flavors that kept me vaping and I have a little less than a month and I'll be one year smoke free. Since the original review of Countach Crumble, I have started using RDAs, right now the two that I use the most is the Thermo RDA by Innokin and the MadHatter V2, (I don't want to get started on the problems with the V1). In my MadHatter V2 it's a dual build of dual core Claptons that are reading 0.24ohms. I can actually vape it at 95W, I decided one day to see if there was a difference in flavor from the Aspire Atlantis V2 tank, the SMOK TFVX series of tanks and then the RDA. I was amazed by the amount of flavor that I was getting from the MadHatter V2, it makes the flavor of the cooked peach, the buttery crust and the spices. It has gotten to the point that I don't leave the house without 2 mods, one has a SMOK Big Baby TFV8 Light Edition on my Vaporesso Revenger and I have my Wismec Reuleaux RX200S with the MadHatter V2 on it. Sometimes, if I'm not driving and going on a relatively long ride I might bring 2 eliquids with me but most of the time I just carry the Countach Crumble and I'll drip it while we are riding, but once we get to our destination I'll get the mod with the tank on it, because I don't like to continue to have to stop walking to wet the cotton. Countach Crumble is still my number one flavor, I try to place an order for some every month. I'm glad that they started making them in the 120ml bc I was going through 60ml in a little less than 2 weeks. If you haven't tried Countach Crumble in an RDA, I definitely recommend it. You will notice that the flavor is so much better and you will be surprised how big the clouds are Countach Crumble. I thought that when I was running the T6 coils for the Big Baby TFV8 at 75W the flavor and clouds were amazing but in a dual build, dual core Claptons running around 95-100W. I will drip CC as much as I can. Thanks Double Comma for such amazing flavors. I Iwas lucky enough to win 2nd place in DoubleComma's 4th of July giveaway. I chose Countach Crumble and Skyline Fuel. The Countach Crumble isn't your everyday peach flavor, in fact it's totally different. I first put it in my Aspire Atlantis V2 with a 0.3 ohm atomizer, I had it on my Vaporshark rDNA 40W and I ran it at 20W for a few hits to see which flavor came out the most and it was the buttery pastry with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. I decided to go the full 40W and that's when I noticed that this flavor was totally worth it. The main flavors were still the buttery pastry and cinnamon and nutmeg with the peach coming through. I really love vaping this one after eating supper because it reminds me of the peach crumble grandma used to make. Even for someone who isn't big on the peach flavors out there, this one is so different. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone. I shared this one with a friend of mine who said that he don't like peaches, I told him to just try it out. For a few minutes, I didn't think I was going to get my mod back because he was enjoying it so much. I'm definitely going to be ordering some more when I get my money in order. If you haven't tried Countach Crumble yet, you need to. It's worth every penny.

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