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Tags: blueberry, graham-cracker, donut

Delicious blueberry, graham cracker, frosted donut and other amazing flavors that come together to form a smooth, delectable vape.


I picked up a couple of flavors from Kelso a little while back and this was one of them. After many disappointing blueberry desert flavors, this one looked promising. Frosted Blueberry Donut has to be the most spot on fresh blueberry flavor I've ever had. I'm by no means a blueberry expert, but this is an almost perfect blueberry. I get all of the flavors as described and together the result is a delicious frosted, blueberry donut. On the inhale I get the blueberry and frosting with some sweetness that reminds me of a donut, but not exactly. It's sort of like a pastry, cake and donut together. The exhale brings out the blueberry again with some graham and more creamy frosting. I really like graham and this could use a little more of that. It's also a light flavor which I usually don't go for, but this is so good that I'm really enjoying this the way it is. I should also say that this is not overly sweet for those of you that don't like super sweet flavors. It's sweet, but a more subtle sweet. Kelso is a great vendor with some very interesting flavors. Prices are good too. I look forward to trying more from him in the near future.

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