WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Tags: vanilla, custard, pudding

A classic flavor that marries the creamy texture of custard and the lighter, sweeter notes of vanilla. Our Vanilla Custard has a warm flavor that’s instantly familiar yet wholly unique, with a smooth (more...)

Nic 18mg
Aged for 3 weeks
Value 5 /5
Flavor Accuracy 4.5 /5
Cloud Production 5 /5
Throat Hit 3.5 /5

Rich Velvety Clouds!!
Admittedly I was disappointed with the juice when it first arrived. I ordered Vanilla Custard which had hardly any flavor when it first arrived. I had also ordered several other flavors from other vendors during this time so I moved on to sample other things. 3 weeks later I came back to the Vanilla Custard and the change that had occurred during that time was amazing.
The liquid is truly of a velvet consistency. It's not sweet. I actually prefer it a little sweeter than it is, so I add a drop or two of concentrated sweeting liquid that I have from my local vendor. I think sweetness is a matter of taste so I will not take points away from this juice for that fact. I also have not spoken to the vendor to inquire about flavor customization. I personally prefer the ability to tweak my sweetness just right with my own addition. Others may not like it as sweet. As far as flavor profiles, the vanilla and custard shines on the exhale. It reminds me of flan. I have devoured the 15m bottle since allowing proper steeping. I re-ordered once the bottle was half empty but wish I had ordered earlier as I am certain I will run out before I allow the next bottle to steep.

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