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Ronin's website has this listed as a "mixture of citrus punch and Baja berries with subtle, smooth undertones of tropical dew and blue raspberry ripples". It's a 70VG/30PG split. The smell out of the bottle is sweet, and enticing. I'm using a 0mg. It has a nice cool, almost minty/menthol exhale, and on the inhale you can definitely taste a nice berry flavor. A lot of reviews I've read have compared it to the "baja blast" drink at Taco Bell, and I can certainly tell there is a similarity. I've been vaping on this for about 24 hours, and it is quickly becoming my favorite ejuice. I think it's an all day vape, and one I would certainly recommend you trying.

Reviewed using: Wismec Reuleaux RX200 200W Box Mod JayBo Designs with a Horizon Arctic Sub-Ohm BTDC Tank & Artic NI200 Nickle Coil. Vaping at 90W, 550F.

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