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This is a nice B&M store in Johnson City, TN (I believe they have a couple of other locations nearby as well). The store is extremely clean, large, and well-staffed. This is not a "counter and a back-room" operation. This is business is obviously set up for the long term.

When you first walk in, you will see a large ejuice bar that can seat about 4-5 people at once. The staff immediately came over to help us taste some juices, and they have a nice selection. They carry a few of the Suicide Bunny juices, the Five Pawns line, as well as their own well-made juice line. A quick scan of the juice menu looked to have over 100 flavors. Our staff member was very patient with us and knowledgeable, asking us what kind of flavors we liked and making good suggestions for us to taste. As far as the staff goes, I would give them an A+

Opposite the juice bar was a nice lounge area with a couple of nice couches and a TV. It was early when we went, so there weren't many people in the lounge.

Further into the store was the hardware section, with a good selection of both beginner and advanced equipment. The prices were a bit steep as you might expect from a store of this caliber. They had some pretty good juice deals on their own juices, though.

They also teach classes at the store on doing rebuilds and such, but I haven't taken any of them yet.

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