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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Very professional. I mean this in terms of their website (very clean, effienciently designed), great customer service (quick shipping, as well as samples thrown into orders), and quality of product (some of the tastiest juices I've used.)

They offer up a frequent buyers card of sorts, which hashes out a point-system for purchases as well as referrals. These FanceePoints can be used towards buying juices/hardware as either discounts or the complete sale.

I recommend their Java flavor as well as their Banana Nut Bread, they also pair well when mixed. Their juice comes in glass bottles with droppers, and is carefully shipped in cardboard tubes wrapped in twine with a wax seal holding it together, a nice touch for sure.

I bought my first e-cig with Fancee, a kit with 2 Iclear16's and an Ego-C Upgrade. It came with a carrying case and a charger cable. When I discovered that one of my Iclears was leaky, they immediately shipped me another no questions asked.

Their prices are a little steeper (no pun intended) than venders like Gremlin and Mount Baker, but it is worth it for the quality.

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