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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Nic 12mg

Got this juice from a local store in South Florida. Normally, I hardly vape tobacco flavors, but because I'm from Long Island originally and my favorite tea house/place in general there is called 'The Witches Brew,' I was drawn to the company immediately. Not to mention the bottle has this extremely mysterious vibe going on with a cork top and a skull tied around the neck of the bottle.

Anyway, when I tested it I tasted hints of vanilla among other flavors that I can't pinpoint. It was delicious. When I started vaping it out of my own setup at the time (which was an MVP iTaste 2 at a 7.5W with a Protank 2 and 1.8 wick) I was blown away. I started tasting new flavors like cocoa. I can't even say chocolate because it wasn't incredibly sweet like chocolate, but it had that hint.

All I can say is juice is just as mysterious as it's bottle suggests.

cegrippo cegrippo
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