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Hooz juice! Where do I start? They are a very good line, that has managed to creat that special juice, one or more, for every different pallet, to turn into their everyday Vape, their go to juice. Hooz juice is also VERY AFFORDABLE! I placed an order on Thursday afternoon, for a trampled under fruit, 100 ml bottle, 3 nic, for 20 bucks, and received my order on Saturday. They run special promos very often. Their trampled under fruit and strawnana are two of their juices, that are defiantly in my top 5! That's something special. Go check them out, as you don't have anything to loose, except those high prices, and frustrating trips to the Vape shop. Thanks for reading my experiences with hooz juice, I hope to hear yours!

chase_cummings chase_cummings
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